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Charnwood Music Publishing

Charnwood Music was established in 1958 by Francis Wright in Leicester, England with a view of encouraging British composers to write and expand the literature for the standard bass piano accordion. The name Charnwood was the name of his street while the emblem "Old John" Castle was a landmark in the Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire.

Charnwood is a member of the PRS (Performing Rights Society – United Kingdom) and the MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society).

In later years, Francis Wright added music for free bass, duets and ensemble/orchestra music as well as music for guitar and keyboard. Following the death of Francis Wright in 1997 (aged 80), and the retirement of the other owners Jessie Wright and Pauline Noon, Charnwood Music was offered to Anna and Raymond Bodell, well known personalities in the accordion world, on the basis that they would retain in print all the music for the accordion. This was considered quite important following the loss of many other accordion publishing companies in the United Kingdom.

It is planned to expand the catalogue for the accordionist in the 21st Century

Refunds Policy

Payments made for goods purchased from this website will be refunded up to seven working days after the day of receipt of the goods and provided the goods are returned unused within 28 days after the day of receipt of the goods.


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Charnwood Music Publishing
Les Jardins D'Alizarine 121
1416 Ave Henri Guillaume
Tamaris, 83500
La Seyne Sur Mer
UK Mobile: +44 7770 450840
Email: charnwoodmusic@btinternet.com

AWW Online Limited

Registered Office:
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53 Kitchener Road,
Auckland 0620,
New Zealand.

Company No: 7180255
NZBN: 9429047186569

Manager Email: musicforacc.com@yahoo.com
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Phone: +64 21 2166102

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