Notes from the Composer:
DW506 - Boutique Overture:

Playing Standard: Grade 7
Playing Time (approximate): 5 min 0 sec (without repeats)

This serious piece, written in the key of G major, with an excursion into E minor, is for solo accordion and is both traditional and contemporary in its approach and content. It is enhanced by a rhythmic structure of a contemporary nature that alternates in sections of 4/4 and 6/4. The eight-bar theme (in 4/4) provides its base and recurs throughout the piece, albeit in an altered form. It requires a good command of the instrument, and a feel for rhythmic structures that are out of the ordinary. It is ideally suited to Stradella bass instruments.

Note: Boutique Overture is also scored for four accordions, and includes some small differences from the composition for solo accordion.

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