Notes from the Composer:
DW907 - Four Candles:

Playing Standard: Grade 5
Playing Time (approximate): 1 min 20 sec

This jolly, sarcastic little piece is written in the key of C Major. It was written as a short novelty piece that was inspired by the famous British sketch by comedy duo Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker titled “The Hardware Shop”. It has a nifty, easy-to-remember, catchy tune (the three treble notes in Bar 5 are actually the title: “Four Can-dles”…. Or, “Fork Han-dles”….).
The second section features some three- and four-finger treble chords, which progress through the “cycle of fifths” in both treble and basses. The third section requires some strong accenting via the bellows (Bars 57/58). Vamp basses are used to good rhythmic effect to make the piece “swing” while the accenting and phrasing in the treble provides its novelty, playful feel. It is best suited to Stradella bass instruments.

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