Notes from the Composer:
DW933 - Bootstrap Tango:

Standard: Grade 5
Approximate playing time: 3 min 10 sec

Written in D minor in 4/4 time, after an introduction which includes a bar in 6/4 time, the first section proceeds as a normal tango, with a characteristic accompanying bass that sets and keeps its rhythmic flow. The treble is kept busy, with melody notes sustained over canonic harmony phrases underneath.

The end of the first section then morphs into a more romantic section, in D Major, with its very hummable theme, and similar rhythmic basses. It then reverts to D minor, but with a different, second singing 16-bar theme before a repeat of the D Major section, and then (almost) the original theme in D minor, plus a little flourish at the end. It is ideally suited to Stradella bass instruments.

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