Notes from the Composer:
DW951 - Conundrum:

Standard: Grade 6
Approximate playing time: 2 min 30 seconds

This composition, in A minor, starts with a bold concert-like announcement as its introduction, but after four bars changes to an emotional motif for several bars. Suddenly a speedy, turbulent allegro con brio section takes over, with an abundance of off-beat accenting in both treble and basses, and dynamic markings.

This is followed by a section that suddenly stumbles into an almost dream-like state of emotions and feelings, played rubato, followed by a treble cadenza, and a lead-up to a major key. It then recapitulates to the allegro con brio theme before aiming at the build-up towards the ending. This involves a four-bar bellows shake, followed by a 24-note rising chromatic run, with a surprise ending that is typical of an Argentinian tango.

The composition requires accurate coordination of treble, basses and bellows, plus phrasing, dexterity and personal musical interpretation.

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