Notes from the Composer:
M378 - Magganajjer:

Playing Standard: Grade 5
Playing Time (approximate): 1 min 45 sec

This is a fast-paced piece that needs a precise, even right-hand touch. After a fast-paced beginning, rapid-fire staccato single notes drive into a hail of thirds, followed by rhythmic down-the-scale couplets. These in turn lead to a second theme that follow the introduction, and consist of arpeggios in A minor and E 7th. The pace continues until a small section of eight bars where the basses take on a melodic encounter with chords stated on the right hand, until the sudden arrival of a treble trill takes the piece back into the frenzied world of Magganajjer until the very end, reached at an accelerated pace until oblivion. It is ideally suited to Stradella bass instruments.

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