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64th Coupe Mondiale (CIA) International
Accordion Competition

International soloist, Mingyuan Ruan, is the first classic accordionist to win the 27th IBLA international music competition. She regularly plays with China NCPA Orchestra (the resident orchestra of the National Centre for the Performing Arts) and has appeared on the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre, London Palladium and Carnegie Hall.

After graduating from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing (China) under the tutelage of Professor XiaoQing Cao, she completed an Advanced diploma in performance at the Royal Academy of Music as a student of Professor Owen Murray.

Winner of numerous competitions and awards, she recently received the First Prize of the 64th Coupe Mondiale (CIA) International Accordion competition in chamber music, the Gold medal of the 3rd Berliner International Music Competition and the Golden Award for solo performance in the National Accordion Performance Competition part of the Beijing Arts Festival.

Feb 2020 Golden Medal of the 2nd Vienna International Music Competition. Oct 2019 Golden Medal of the 3rd Berliner International Music Competition. Jul 2018 Winner of the Ibla Grand Prize International Competition, Italy.
Mingyuan Ruan Accordion Recital. Anatoli Biloschizki:Suite Nr.3 (1-5-7)
Mingyuan RuanMingyuan Ruan, was born in a family with a profound accordion music background, and regarded by the media as the "musical genius". Mingyuan Ruan was born in the city of Jin Zhong, ShangXi province in 1989 and followed her father, Hailin Ruan to learn accordion in her childhood.

Since then, she has showed the extraordinary gift of performance. Mingyuan is an optimistic, cheerful girl with a wide range of interest. In addition to working hard on the accordion she is also involved in dancing, recitation, lectures, calligraphy etc and good at them. She is gifted in many aspects and excellent in character and learning.

Being young she took the position of school captain, Red Scarf television hostess, leading dancer of school dance team. In June 2001, as one of the most outstanding national youths she won the highest five-star Eagles Medal.

In 2001, Mingyuan Ruan was admitted to the Attached High School of Tianjin Conservatory of Music and began to learn accordion under the tutelage of Professor Jingbai Zhu. She participated in a number of campus activities : acting as the leader of School Accordion Orchestra, chairman of the Students Union, hostess of concerts; with the recommendation of the school, she was fortunate enough to be turored and enlightened by some famous masters, they are Russian Bayan Accordion Master Yuri Shishkin, the Academy of Music and Drama in Hanover, Germany Bayan accordion performer, educator, Professor Elsbeth Moser; Russian Gnessin Academy of Music Bayan accordion performer; educator, Friedrich Lips; the well known Russian accordion playing masters, People's Artist of the Urals Academy of Music, Professor Victor Romanko.

By learning from and communicating with the music maestros face to face, she was enlightened and inspired deeply. Moreover, the intention of art was upgrading day by day, which can be proved by the eight awards for excellent students report concert in the past several years.

Mingyuan Ruan
CIA President Kevin Friedrich presenting Mingyuan Ruan (China) the certificate as 2009 Coupe Mondiale 3rd Prize Winner

Since 2004, Mingyuan Ruan has been learning accordion under the tutelage of accordion master, the Central Music Conservatory Professors Cao Xiao-Qing, her playing skills and musical accomplishment make astounding advance day by day. In 2007 Mingyuan was admitted to the Central Music Conservatory ranking the first in her profession, and then awarded " Excellent Student of the Central Conservatory of Music''.

Because of that, on September 24th, 2008, Mingyuan held her first personal accordian solo recitals succesfully in her university. In October 2008,she won the national first -class state scholarship and inspirational grants, then went to many cities of China to perform over and again as the representative of outstanding student of the Central Conservatory of Music.

She has performed in Xi'an and Qingdao concert halls and many other places. In 2009, she was awarded the second class of ''the Spring of Shanghai '' National Accordion Competition in professional group. On the sixtieth annivesary of the foundation of the People's Republic of China, Mingyan expressed her own patriotic feelings by her beautiful tweedle. In May 2009, she was invited to record for the historical epic "Tiananmen".

In August 2009 Mingyuan attended the 62nd Coupe Mondiale international accordion competitions in New Zealand under the leadership of Professor Cao Xiao-Qing, and ranked the third in the Coupe Mondiale artist group. In the same year, October 17, she ranked the second in the adult group at the 34th session of the Italian Castelfidardo International Accordion Competitions, as the sole representative of the Central Music Conservatory, Mingyuan has gained the honor for the university. Since the two authoritative competitions, which are recommended by both the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education, Mingyuan is awarded and praised by the school leaders.

In September Mingyuan was interviewed by the journalist from weekly magazine, Undergraduate, of people's network and was honored the "angel conversing in notes' by the media. In November, Mingyuan recorded her first personal accordion solo album in Beijing Mei Lanfang Grand Theater. Her passionate interpretation of works and artistic expression are filled with tension and can definitely lead the majority of accordion art lovers into the splendid art palace!

Mingyuan Ruan and Hailin Ruan
Picture of Mingyuan Ruan and her father Hailin Ruan by the poster of their friend Grayson Masefield at the 2012 Accordion Festival in Beijing. Hailin Ruan is an accordion teacher in Jinzhong city, Shanxi province. He is the teacher at the "Doh Ray Mi" private accordion school with his wife Lei Xiufang and they teach more than 120 students. Hailin Ruan was one of the jury at this competition.

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