Notes from the Composer:
ang561Haiti (Solo):

English: "As all of us, I have been deeply disturbed and saddened by the terrible events that have hit this Haiti island. This work is for me the evidence of my greatest sympathy.

The whole piece is based on a main theme that will be omnipresent.

From the beginning, it is exposed in a very slow tempo in a lower register in the manner of a funeral march. Then again with a fast tempo, passing through several modulations to finally be re-exposed (slightly enriched) in its original tone and then fragmented to enclose the 1st mvt.

In the second mvt bellows shake technique is used to express feelings of powerlessness, helplessness before and after the disaster.

The final movement starts at a very fast pace to finish on a very meditative Adagio. To serve as a link to the da Capo, the center of this 3rd mvt has a cadence in which the theme will be treated in various ways.

This work is all about living life and I am confident it will be a favorite with audiences too"

Française: Comme nous tous, j'ai été profondément boulversé par les terribles évenements qui ont frappé cette isle. C'est pour moi le temoignage de ma plus grande compassion. Toute la piéce repose sur un théme principal qui sera omniprésent.

Dés le début, il est exposé dans un tempo trés lent dans un registre grave à la maniére d ' une marche funébre. Ensuite repris avec un tempo rapide , passant par plusieurs modulations pour finalement etre réexposé (légèrement enrichi) dans sa tonalité initiale puis fragmenté pour cloturer ce 1er mvt.

dans le second mvt la technique du below shake est utilisée pour exprimer des sentiments d'impuissance, de desarroi devant tant de desastre.

Le final lui commence dans un tempo tres rapide pour finir sur un ADAGIO trés meditatif. Pour servir de lien au DA CAPO , au centre de ce 3éme mvt , une cadence dans laquelle le théme sera traité de diverses façons.

Notes from the Webmaster re Haiti (solo)

The Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes CIA held its second annual 'Award for the Best New Original Work' at the Coupe Mondiale in October 2010. The award was created by the CIA Music Committee, to promote new concert compositions for the accordion, after the discontinuation of the Test Piece requirement for the Coupe Mondiale competition category.

The jury selected ‘Haiti’, a solo composed by Franck Angelis - France (16.04 minutes), and performed by Nataela Teixeira (Portugal) for the award.

Nataela Teixeira (Portugal) Coupe Mondiale performance. This is a .wmv file playable in your computer.

The award is open to all new solo works, composed in 2009/2010 and performed as part of a 2010 Coupe Mondiale competitions program. The music must be performed for the first time at a Coupe Mondiale. This year, four compositions were presented for the award.

The jury members, Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia - President), Tibor Racz (Slovakia), Graham Laurie (Scotland), Andreas Nebl (Germany) and Antonio Spaccarotella (Italy).

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