Notes from the Composer:
ang571: Romance No. 2 (Solo):
Pour Maeva Araci
L ' une de mes plus brillantes élèves
Romance No. 2
(sur le thème de petite Romance)
Extrait des pièces pour enfants
Dedicated: For Maeva Araci
One of my brightest students
Romance No. 2
(on the subject of little romance)
Excerpt from children's plays
Franck Angelis 2019

The video below is the world premiere of "Romance No. 2" at the 2019 Castelfidardo PIF. The concert was titled "Christina Rossi (France) Plays Angelis". This concert was quite unique and historical with composer Franck Angelis attending and also speaking at the concert, including introducing two new compositions world premieres. Video of full concert at:

World premiere of "Romance No. 2" by Franck Angelis performed by Chrstina Rossi.

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