Melbourne composer Franco Cambareri was barely able to walk when he first heard the magic sound of the piano accordion – an instrument he promptly fell in love with and dreamed of one day possessing.

From the shores of the Calabria region of Italy and at the tender age of fifteen, Franco boarded the steamer Neptune to make the long voyage down under and soon after arriving in Melbourne he started working to help pay for the rest of his family to join him in Australia.
Franco was seventeen when he finally had enough money to put a deposit on an accordion and pay for one music lesson per week – his determination to learn meant he spent many a long hour in study and practice.

In the early sixties Franco spent twelve months in Rome furthering his studies in music and on return to Australia he formed a Quintet, a band which met with instant success and enjoyed popularity on radio, television and at social clubs and night clubs around Melbourne.

With this experience and after releasing several EP records it was time to move on and in the mid sixties the Trio Franco was born, a combo that was to become so much in demand. They sometimes performed even two or three times a day.

The group was awarded second prize at the first ever-International Song Festival in Melbourne and went on to record and release a number of EP’s and a full length LP album. One of the highlights of this period was the collaboration as producers and actors on the weekly television musical program “Carosello”. There followed an overseas stint on the South Pacific Island of Fiji where the Trio Franco delighted audiences at many and varied venues.

During this time Franco somehow managed to also teach music and accordion to many young aspiring musicians and today some of Melbourne’s finest can lay claim to having their careers initiated from those early lessons.

Franco finally stopped playing and performing in public in 1973 in order to pursue a totally different career path but when he eventually retired around Christmas 2000 the passion for music returned as strong as ever.

He decided to devote himself to composing the music he loved and to date has written some 220 original instrumental works and has 12 CDs to his credit. The first of these, “Tender Feelings” (released through Colossal Records of Australia), has been featured by a number of radio stations across the country and currently most of his music is published by Groovy Music Publishing ( as well as many of his compositions are published overseas by Frosini Society ( and

One of Franco’s compositions titled “Pour “Pour Aline” was amongst the top ten awarded in the instrumental category from thousands of entries in the Australian Songwriters Association 2007 Song writing Contest, he was awarded 9th place for this piece.

Another composition titled “Capricciosa” also featured on ABC Classic FM as part of the ABC’s “Sunday Live” concerts, which are broadcasted throughout Australia and internationally through radio and the Internet. Guitarist Giuseppe Zangari and Flautist Sally Walker received enthusiastic applause for the performance of the song in a recital transmitted live from the Harold Lobb Concert Hall at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music.

Franco dedicates the music he writes to his family and friends of which he has many – not surprising for a man and musician whose inspiration for composition comes unmistakably from the heart.

Notes from the arranger/composer for each accordion piece of this large catalog of many different styles and types of accordion music by Franco Cambareri:

cfranco001 - Fiesta Spagnola
cfranco002 - Fisarmonica Inamorata
cfranco003 - Guitar Bolero
cfranco004 - Lovers Waltz
cfranco005 - Moonlight Cat
cfranco006 - Mr Groovy
cfranco007 - Cafe Arabesque
cfranco009 - Cielo Azul (Blue Sky)
cfranco010 - Accordion Magic
cfranco011 - Corrida de Toros (The Bullring)
cfranco012 - A La Francois
cfranco015 - El Pistolero
cfranco016 - Paris En Fete
cfranco017 - Rumba Indiavolata
cfranco018 - Souveir De Paris
cfranco019 - Tango De La Noche
cfranco020 - Valse Des Fleurs
cfranco021 - Brazilian Carnival
cfranco022 - Crazy Polka
cfranco023 - Rio By Night
cfranco024 - Passion In Flames
cfranco025 - Spunky Adam
cfranco026 - Unforgettable Tango
cfranco027 - Cafe Musette
cfranco029 - Passione Mediterranean (Mediterranean Passion)
cfranco030 - Petite Waltz (Little Waltz)
cfranco031 - Summer Breeze
cfranco032 - Swedish Skating Waltz
cfranco033 - Zingarella (Gypsy)
cfranco034 - Accordion Tango
cfranco037 - Samba Loca (Crazy Samba)
cfranco038 - Woodpeckers Polka
cfranco039 - Fiesta A Siviglia
cfranco045 - Erica
cfranco046 - Flamengo Cha Cha
cfranco047 - Granpa’s Dance
cfranco048 - La Arana Negra
cfranco049 - Shuffle ‘n’ Rock
cfranco050 - The Busy Typist
cfranco051 - Carmelina
cfranco052 - Italian Romance
cfranco053 - Midnight Blues
cfranco054 - Romantic Swing
cfranco055 - Sentimental Touch
cfranco056 - Wedding Waltz
cfranco057 - Gigolino
cfranco058 - La Giostra
cfranco059 - La Polketta
cfranco060 - Maestoso
cfranco061 - A Night in Paris
cfranco062 - Elena
cfranco063 - Angelina
cfranco064 - Blue Lake (Lago Blu)
cfranco065 - Don Miguel
cfranco067 - Russia by Night
cfranco068 - Tango Apasionado (Passionate Tango)
cfranco069 - Cafe Lamour
cfranco070 - Latin Fire (Fuego Latino)
cfranco071 - Mambo Vibes
cfranco072 - Cumbia Dancer
cfranco074 - Desperado Ballad
cfranco076 - La Bandida (The Bandit)
cfranco078 - Fantasia Gitana
cfranco079 - Musette De Paris
cfranco080 - Valse D’Amour
cfranco081 - Viva El Joropo
cfranco082 - Valse A La Carte
cfranco083 - Nostalgia
cfranco084 - Nostalgic Feelings
cfranco085 - Autumn Rose
cfranco086 - Sicilian Festa
cfranco087 - Lovers Bolero
cfranco088 - Café De Lite
cfranco089 - Mariscada
cfranco090 - La Baiana
cfranco091 - La Joya (The Jewel)
cfranco092 - Maria Luiza
cfranco093 - Moments of Sadness
cfranco094 - Tender Feelings (Sentimento Amoroso)
cfranco095 - Ciccio’s Tarantella
cfranco096 - Mexican Rock
cfranco097 - Sambalero
cfranco098 - Jamaican Rhumba
cfranco099 - Sonia’s Mambo
cfranco100 - Strings of Fire
cfranco101 - Zio Antonio
cfranco102 - Sea of Roses
cfranco103 - Island Dreamer
cfranco104 - 3 C’s Bossa
cfranco105 - Tango For Two
cfranco106 - Looney Bossa Nova
cfranco107 - Danza Gitana
cfranco108 - Calypso Beach Party
cfranco109 - Italian Jig
cfranco110 - Fifi #2
cfranco111 - Rio Negro
cfranco112 - El Meneaito Do Brazil
cfranco113 - Ella's Ballad
cfranco114 - Angelique
cfranco115 - Distant Cries
cfranco116 - Flamenco Nights
cfranco117 - Tears of Flower
cfranco118 - Au Revoir
cfranco119 - A La Musette
cfranco120 - Dama Da Noite
cfranco121 - Bahia Negra
cfranco122 - Bossa Antiqua
cfranco123 - Pico Do Papagaio (Parrot Beak)
cfranco124 - Spanish Carnival
cfranco125 - Gypsy Flame
cfranco126 - My Symphony
cfranco128 - Belle Musette
cfranco129 - Dancing Clown
cfranco130 - Moon Tango
cfranco131 - Tango De Rua
cfranco132 - Andalucian Sky
cfranco133 - Chicken Polka
cfranco134 - Coco Loco
cfranco135 - Granada By Night
cfranco136 - Let's Jive
cfranco137 - Ojos De Agua
cfranco138 - Ombra Latina
cfranco139 - Dancing Dolls
cfranco140 - Salut D'Amour
cfranco141 - Tears Of A Clown
cfranco142 - Buzzing Bee
cfranco143 - El Gato Negro
cfranco144 - Swing With Me
cfranco145 - Smooth Rockin
cfranco146 - Adios Alegria
cfranco147 - Ole' Amigos
cfranco148 - Brasilia
cfranco149 - Calabria in Festa
cfranco150 - Capricciosa
cfranco151 - Cool Breeze
cfranco152 - Cool March
cfranco153 - Dizzy Polka
cfranco154 - Don't Boogie Me
cfranco155 - Euro Polca
cfranco156 - Grecian Holiday
cfranco157 - Gypsy Fiesta
cfranco158 - Los Cubanos
cfranco159 - Foggy Lane
cfranco160 - Marching Parade
cfranco161 - Papa's Blues
cfranco162 - Play 'n' Simple 
cfranco163 - Samba De Rua (Street Samba)
cfranco164 - A Lonely Soul
cfranco165 - Burnt Heart
cfranco166 -
A la Zingaresca
cfranco167 -
Ay Caramba
cfranco168 -
Blue Belle Blues
cfranco169 -
cfranco170 - Cumbia Mania
cfranco171 - Fiesta Latina
cfranco172 - La Belle Vie
cfranco173 - La Danza Allegra
cfranco174 - Love Me Softly
cfranco175 - Mystic Feelings
cfranco176 - Samba del Fuego
cfranco177 - Saudade
cfranco178 - Slippery Slide
cfranco179 - Spring Fantasy
cfranco180 - Amortango
cfranco181 - Jolly Puppet
cfranco182 - Mediterranean Dance
cfranco183 - Parisian Sunset
cfranco184 - Tango Bar
cfranco185 - Salsa Fusion
cfranco186 - Viva el Toro
cfranco187 - In Loneliness
cfranco188 - Rumba de Rua
cfranco189 - Colombian Rose
cfranco190 - Cafe Seville
cfranco191 - Capriccio Cubano
cfranco192 - Danza Guapa
cfranco193 - U Ciucciariellu (The Little Donkey)
cfranco194 - Cocolito Beach
cfranco195 - Fantasia Rumbesca
cfranco196 - Nonno Ciccio's Tango
cfranco197 - Gringo Vibes
cfranco198 - Time 4 Salsa
cfranco199 - Walking Sticks
cfranco200 - Colours of Autumn
cfranco201 - L'ultima Bachata
cfranco202 - Samba Rumbesca
cfranco203 - Danza Carnavalesca
cfranco204 - Simplicity
cfranco205 - The Gondolier
cfranco206 - Inner Feelings
cfranco207 - Whitty Clown
cfranco208 - Twinkle Toes
cfranco209 - El Caminito
cfranco210 - Ballade Pour Lucia
cfranco211 - Balada de Don Florencio
cfranco212 - Discotango
cfranco213 - A Romantic Autumn
cfranco214 - Alla Spagnola
cfranco215 - Argentango
cfranco216 - Brazilian Sunset
cfranco217 - Crystal Dreams
cfranco218 - Calabrian Serenata
cfranco219 - Danza del Grillo (Dance of the Cricket)
cfranco220 - Bahian Samba
cfranco221 - Danza Vittoriosa
cfranco222 - Dolce Ricordi
cfranco223 - Flamentango
cfranco224 - Happy Times
cfranco225 - Harbour Lights
cfranco226 - Guitar Romanca
cfranco227 - For Little Chiara
cfranco228 - Little Flower
cfranco229 - Notturno #2
cfranco230 - Olivia
cfranco231 - Tristesse (Tristezza)
cfranco232 - Pour Aline (For Aline)
cfranco233 - Romantic End
cfranco234 - Venetian Sky
cfranco235 - Saltarella Calabrese (Shepherd's Dance)
cfranco236 - Tango for Lovers
cfranco237 - Via Treistzza
cfranco238 - A Bumbling Bee
cfranco239 - Spicy Salsa
cfranco240 - Via Treistzza
cfranco241 - Fantasia Lunatica
cfranco242 - Nostalgic Moments
cfranco243 - Triste Autunno
cfranco244 - Bolero Carnival
cfranco245 - Farfallina
cfranco246 - Granma's March

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