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Catalog ek114 - Fors Majeure

The album Fors Majerure -1984 - ( Fors is running water) was written after two accidents.

First in June 1984 - just after we finished recording the album "Lars Ek in Disneyland" – a big fire started at the attic on our property at Norrtullsgatan 10, we lived in the middle of Stockholm. This became Stockholm's largest fire in 1984, and we were homeless for 10 months.

Second in July 1984, I came home from a trip to Spain and went to get my accordion - for a concert in Norway - which was kept in a "safe" basement after the fire. During my trip abroad it had rained 55 millimeter in an hour and many basements were drowned by water. The first incident took care of the insurance company. The second was called Force majeure and I got no compensation.

My lawyer told me that it would cost about 300 000 SEK to drive the case to the Supreme Court as this never occurred before, and lacked prejudice. I called my friend Olle Johnny and next day I borrowed his accordion “Lars Ek Nostalgic” which he had purchased from me in 1982.

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