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Catalog ek203: Lars Ek Special 3: The Shortcut (to improved playing skills).

The Shortcut to Playing and the Bellows - Technique for The Accordion.
24 page book.

Many accordion books of today are written like a treatise. I can understand that every skilled accordionist wishes to remain as serious as possible and share everything there is to share. Therefore there are today several good accordion schools on the market. During the years I have noticed a growing need of a ”shortcut” to perfected technique because of the long time it takes to study the conventional way. That’s the reason why I have created this book of technique for accordions.

This is no treatise, but a ”shortcut” to improved playing skills by practicing what is the most effective at the shortest of time. You should have some knowledge about notes and you should also consider this booklet as a complement to your ordinary studies.

These few exercises are so effective that they can last many years to come for the average accordionist. Before you start playing your usual repertoire, start with these exercises then finish your session off again with a some of these exercises and you’ll soon notice how through a better technique will receive a more secure way of playing.

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