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Jon Faukstad is one of Norway's most famous accordionists. He was born in 1944 in Heidal, Gudbrandsdal.He graduated from the University of Oslo in 1975 with a degree in history, political science and musicology. His doctorate thesis was published as a book in 1978. "The Diatonic Accordion in Norwegian Folk Music". (Oslo University Press).

Jon Faukstad has also studied the accordion for two years in Copenhagen, Denmark and was taught by professor Mogens Ellegaard at the Royal Danish Cncervatory of Music. From 1972 Jon Faukstad has been professor and Departmental head of the Accordion Division at the Norwegian State Academy of Music in Oslo.

Throughout the years, Jon Faukstad has collaborated with many Norwegian composers and encouraged them to write music for the accordion. He has played a number of musical premiers by several famous Norwegian composers and presented their music on TV, in radio programs, as well as on numerous concert tours, both in Norway and abroad.

Jon Faukstad is also a genuine folk musician. As a teen-ager he often played at local dance arrangements in his home area of Gudbrandsdal. In 1970 he started playing together with the folk violinist Hans W. Brimi. Together they have made countless folk music concerts in Norway and numerous programs for radio and TV. They have also had two concert tours in the U.S.A.and made two records along with the flute player Mary Barthelemy. Jon Faukstad has considerable experience as a TV and radio co-producer.He has participated in many programs about music, classical as well as folk music, among them a series of radio programs entitled ''Old time dance music in Norway''.


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