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All Vassily Glubochencko eSheet accordion music and accordion compositions
Vassily Glubochenko was born in 17 May 1957 in Minsk (Belarus). In 1981 he graduated the accordion class of the Byelorussian State Conservatory. In 1993 in San-Petersburg he defended the candidate dissertation, in which was considered the questions of pedagogics of musical creativity, are developing the principles of training in musical improvisation.

Since 1981, he works teaching accordion, ensemble, improvisation, computer arranger of music works, at the Byelorussian State University of Culture.

Vassily Glubochenko has composed 3 collections of concert works for accordion. He produced an accordion CD of which he is the composer, arranger and performer.

Glubochenko frequently gives concerts in Belarus and abroad. He participated in England, France, Belgium, Holland, Southern Korea as a soloist and in ensembles.

Vassily composes, not only for accordion, but also songs which are frequently broadcast on Belarus radio stations.

He is widely known as an expert in the field of pedagogics of musical improvisation. His original method of instructions of improvisation for the accordion has enjoyed great popularity in his country.

The compositions and arrangements of Vassily Glubochenko are now being made available to the world and are sent to you by email.

All Vassily Glubochencko eSheet accordion music and accordion compositions

3 CDs of Vassily Glubochenko Online, Glubochenko CDs

Notes from the arranger/composer for each accordion piece of this catalog of many different styles and types of accordion music by Vassily Glubochenko:
gvassily001 - Let's Get Acquainted
gvassily002 - Latifuntik
gvassily003 - Pleasant Memory
gvassily004 - Soft Pillow
gvassily005 - Make As I
gvassily006 - I Love Hawaii
gvassily007 - From The First Sight
gvassily008 - Radionuklid
gvassily009 - Sauka And Grishka
gvassily010 - Yass Mowed The Clover
gvassily011 - Ah, Ulianitsa Sowed The Flax
gvassily012 - Water Flow To Ravine
gvassily013 - From Military Lyric
gvassily014 - """Extinct Bougie"""
gvassily015 - Wheels
gvassily016 - In Spring
gvassily017 - Tango
gvassily018 - Pot-Pourri On Themes Of The Soviet Songs
gvassily019 - Grandfather's Krutch
gvassily020 - Walk With the “Mops”
gvassily021 - "Spring" from CHILDREN'S SUITE 2 "Vacations"
gvassily022 - "Summer" from CHILDREN'S SUITE 2 "Vacations"
gvassily023 - "Autumn" from CHILDREN'S SUITE 2 "Vacations"
gvassily024 - "Winter" from CHILDREN'S SUITE 2 "Vacations"

gvassily025 - Impulse of passion
gvassily026 - Temptation
gvassily027 - Anton Young
gvassily028 - Grandfather's Krutch
gvassily029 - Touch Me Not
gvassily030 - L'accordéon espiègle
gvassily031 - Walk with the mops
gvassily032 - The Stylish Man
gvassily033 - Tango for Natasha
gvassily034 - Swing from by
gvassily035 - Confession
gvassily036 - Sleepwalker
gvassily037 - Schemer
gvassily038 - Cimus

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