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Pablo Zinger (Piazzolla`s ex-pianist) said: "Gorka Hermosa`s music impressed me for his originality, his atmosphere and his virtuosity: makes of the word crossover an intense reality. He`s a very talented musician to look very close". Born in 1976 in Urretxu (Basque Country), he is a very multifaceted musician: accordion player, composer, teacher, writer, publisher,…

Gorka Hermosa was the first Spanish accordionist to play as soloist with an symphonic orchestra (the Spanish National Radio and TV orchestra and after more than 12 times with other different orchestras), he often appears in Spanish TV and radio shows and gives concerts all around Europe (Finland, Norway, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain). He has played first time more than 20 works for accordion of Spanish composers. He has also played varied musical styles including flamenco, fado, folk, pop-rock, jazz, techno, fusion… playing with musicians as Paquito D`Rivera (Grammy Awarded), Javier Peixoto (Madredeus), Pablo Zinger, Ara Malikian, La Mari (Chambao), Luis Auserón (Radio Futura), Carmen París, José Luis Montón, Germán Díaz, Baldo Martínez, Carlos Soto (Celtas Cortos), Nacho Mastretta, India Martínez...

As classical composer, his works are very often played by players of the 5 continents (U.S.A., Brazil, China, New Zealand, Madagascar, Russia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Portugal, Spain...), including some of the winners of the most important accordion competitions (Grayson Masefield, Dorin Grama, Alexander Verettenikov, Iñigo Aizpiolea, Martinas Levickis, Julien Gonzales...) and other known players such as Alexander Selivanov, Yulia Amerikova, Helmut C. Jacobs or Renzo Ruggieri. His works have also been played in the graduation exams of the most important conservatories of the world (Moscow, London, Pekin, Shangai, Trossingen...).

He has published 3 own CDs, mostly with his compositions, and has made more than 20 discographical collaborations. He has written 4 books about the accordion and has given conferences about the history of the accordion in Macedonia, Italy and Spain. At present he is the accordion teacher of the “Jesús de Monasterio” Musical Conservatory of Santander.

Phone: (+34) 677 21 55 86

Music composed by Gorka Hermosa available on his website,
free of charge from this very generous and highly talented composer.

Solo Accordion Music

Zheng Zai
Pater Noster
“Gernika, 26/4/1937”. 1994.
“Fragilissimo”. 2000.
“Goya: Capricho 43”. 2012.
“Ekigrama”. 2012.
“Ka Mate, Ka Ora”. 2012.
“Girondeando”. 2012.
“Tangosophy (album of pieces for standard bass accordion)”. 2003 - 2012.
“Anantango for standard bass accordion solo”. 2003.

Chamber Music
“Gernika, 26/4/1937”. 1994. duo for accordion and violín, cello, flute or clarinet
“Gernika, 26/4/1937”. 1994. for accordion orchestra.
“Gernika, 26/4/1937”. 1994. for accordion, violin and bass clarinet.
“Gernika, 26/4/1937”. 1994. for accordion and string quartet. ..
“Anantango”. 2003. duo for accordion and violin, cello, flute or clarinet.
“Anantango”. 2003. for accordion duo.
“Galliano en Santiago”. 2005. duo for accordion and violin, cello, flute or clarinet.
“Ekía”. 2003. for accordion and violin, cello, flute or clarinet.
“Milonga del vent”. 2004. for accordion and violin, cello, flute or clarinet.
“Brehme”. 2012. duo for accordion and violin.
“Piccaso`s Guernica”. 1994 - 2003. for accordion and string orchestra.

Pedagogical Works
“12 idazketatxo (Children pieces for accordion)”. 1994 - 1995. 
“Cuaderno de Técnica para acordeón”. 2008.
“Children Suite nº2”. 2008.

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