JMCD001: "Years Apart"
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Hornpipes & Reels (Medley)
   Trumpet Hornpipe
   High Level Hornpipe
   The Deil Among the Tailors

all trad arr. Macdonald

Irish Jigs (Medley)
   The Blackthorn Stick
   Father O'Flynn
   St Patrick's Day
   The Rakes of Kildare
   Gary Owen

all trad arr. Macdonald 2:37
Lift the Wings (from River Dance) Micheal William Whelan 3:20
Tritsch Tratsch Polka Strauss 2:52
Bourassque Michele Peguri
"Three of the Best" (Medley)
   The Laird of Drumblair
   The Maid Behind the Bar
   The Moving Cloud
all trad arr. Macdonald 4:58
Whistling Rufus K. Mills 2:17
The Swiss Polka Archie Alexander 2:29
Highland Cathedral U.Roever/M. Korb 3:36
Up Among the Heather (Medley)
   The Fairy Dance
   High Road to linton
   Calum Donaldson
all trad arr Macdonald 2:57
Scotland My Home (Medley)
   Loch Duich
   Mist Covered Mountains of Home
all trad arr. Macdonald 4:44
The Bluebell Polka Stanley/J.S. Kerr 2:34
Luck O' The Irish (Medley)
   The Stacks of Barley
   The Boys of Bluehill
   Stack of Wheat
   The Irish Washerwoman
all trad arr Macdonald 4:14
Reine De Mussette Jean Peyronnin 2:20
Dixie Singalong (Medley)
   I Wish I was in Dixie
   Silvery Moon
   Carolina in the Morning
   Robert E Lee
   If you Knew Susie

trad arr. Macdonald
Donaldson/Kahn Gus
Muir L/Gilbert.L
Meyer J/De Sylva B
Under The Double Eagle R. Wagner 3:04
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Irish Jigs (Medley)
Lift the Wings (from River Dance)
Tritsch Tratsch Polka
Highland Cathedral
John is well established as a recording artist, and many of his albums have gone "Gold" and most of them have been released Worldwide. His 50th Album "Years Apart" has just been released and includes some of his most requested "On Stage" favourites...ranging from Scottish, Irish, Semi Classical, to his favourite French musettes, and has been acclaimed for showing his diverse accordion talents....and special versions of tunes like "Highland Cathedral" and "Lift the Wings' from River Dance.
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