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Roman Jbanov was born in Ukraine in 1976. He started his playing button accordion since six years of age. In 1988 he entered the Secondary Special Music School (S.S.M.S) Lyceum attached to the M. I. Glinka Novosibrisk State Conservatoire.

He has achieved considerable success during the years of studying at the S.S.M.S.

In 1990 R. Jbanov has become a a laureate of the Regional Competition for Young Accordionists (c. Novosibirsk). Later in 1992 he has become a laureate of the Open Siberian competition for Young Accordionists in Bijsk town.

In 1993 he has become a laureate of the Novosibirsk State Conservatoire Competition-93. R. Jbanov is also a laureate and a Grand-Pre winner of the International N. Belaborodov Competition in Tula town as well as a laureate of the prize in the field of culture and art for the concert programs in Novosibirsk City.

In October 1993, R.Jbanov took part at the IX International Festival of music for the button accordion and piano accordion in St. Peterburg The young performer carries out an intensive concert activity. He toured in Moscow, St. Peterburg, Tula, Bijsk, Kemerovo, Rovno (Ukrain), Abakan (Hakassia), Klingenthal (Germany).

R.Jbanov performs as a soloist with the orchestra of Russian folk instruments of the Tvand broadcasting company "Novosibirsk".

In 1994 he entered the M.I. Glinka Novosibirsk State Conservatoire.

In 1995 he became a laureate of the XXXII International competition for accordionsts in Klingenthal city (Germany).

Roman Jbanov takes classes from the leading accordionists: A. Romavov, A. Krupin, G. Chernichka, A. Ivchenko, I. Puritz, Y. Shishkin, F. Lips, A. Shmykov.

In 1995 he recorded the audiocassette.
August, 1995 - Concert in Beijing (China).
Oktober, 1995 - Laureat, winner of Peace Car in Kassino (Itali).
December, 1995 - International competition in Mondragon (Span).
May, 1996 - International competition in Klingenthal (Germany).
June, 1996 - 1st prize in Internationl competition in St. Petersburg (Russia).
July, 1996 - TV film; "One Sau of Julu with Roman Jbanov".
December, 1996 - International competition in Mondragon (Spain).
1997 - Practise in the International Centre of playing the accordeonists. (C.N.I.M.A) Professor. - m. Mornet. (France).
February, 1997 - Laureat, International competition in Klingenthal (Germany).
June, 1997 - audiotape II.
October, 1997 - 1st prize, winner of Peace Car in Escaldes- Engordany.
November, 1997, he recorded the compactdisc.

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