kpaier105: Saion CD by Klaus Paier
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  Name Composer / Arranger Time
1. Saion Klaus Paier 3:41
2. Rosenwald Klaus Paier 4:34
3. Elisa Klaus Paier 4:24
4. Schotti Beam Me Up Klaus Paier 4:03
5. Klapperkiste Klaus Paier 5:20
6. Just Like H.P Klaus Paier 3:20
7. Waltz For "G" Klaus Paier 2:43
8. Elegie Pa Norsk Klaus Paier 4:03
9. Libeingridi Klaus Paier 5:25
10. Fango Klaus Paier 4:58
11. Prelude (Keys) Klaus Paier 2:00
12. Prelude (Reeds) Klaus Paier 2:09
Sound Samples:

  Name Time mp3 file size
1. Saion 29s 347kb
2. Rosenwald 30s 353kb
3. Elisa 28s 334kb
4. Schotti Beam Me Up 28s 339kb
5. Klapperkiste 30s 359kb
6. Just Like H.P 29s 351kb
7. Waltz For "G" 30s 353kb
8. Elegie Pa Norsk 26s 306kb
9. Libeingridi 29s 350kb
10. Fango 30s 354kb
11. Prelude (Keys) 29s 348kb
12. Prelude (Reeds) 30s 355kb

For Klaus Paier and Gerald Preinfalk, jazz means vital improvisation and, above all, the freedom to explore styles and timbres - no matter what shade colour. In this project, based on their own compositons and excursions into the realm of improvisation, we see a confluence of experience and joy of playing. Both musicians embark on a congenial path, allowing themselves to drift boisterously in the flow of sounds, without neglecting their firm foundation on musically ordered structures.

The intersections of style that result are a special kind of fusion. The folklore of the Alpine peoples, the proud melancholy of the Rio de la Plata region, the exuberant inventiveness of the Balkans, the pensive revelling of the Klezmer, and the intricate ornamentation of Arab music - all these elements blend into a polyphonic jazz phrasing. These seemingly volatile, but in fact profound moments of musical relationship could be referred to as a quest for a common cultural identity. This quest divides and unites the past, present and future in a very complex manner. It forms fragmentary confrontations, at the same time offering creative solutions to apparent contrarieties.

Gerald Preinfalk received his first clarient lessons at the age of nine and has been playing saxophone since the age of fifteen. After studying music in Vienna, Berklee and Paris, Preinfalk worked in the borderland of contemporary notated and improvised music. He is a member of Klangforum Wien and works with RSO Wien, the Wiener Philarmoniker, the Vienna Sazophon Quartet, Saxofour, Nouvelle Cuisine and Mathias Ruegg's Vienna Art Orchestra. He has gained musical experience so far with the following musician : christian and Wolfgang muthspile, Maria Bill (jacques brel Project),Django Bates, Elliot Sharp, Don Byron, Wayne Horwitz, Will Calhoun, Terry Bozzio,Petter Madson. Gerald preinfalk was awarded the Hans Koller prize" Newcormer of the year " in 2011

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