ks551: All Through The Night - Konni Deppe & Andreas Hermeyer
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Get out of Town

Cole Porter (1891 – 1964)
You and Me
Henry Mancini (1924 – 1994)
Leicht verstimmt (Desafinado)
Antonio Carlos Jobim (1927 – 1994)
Crazy World
Henry Mancini (1924 – 1994)
Dino Olivieri (1905 – 1963)
David Raksin (1912 – 2004)
Watch what Happens
Michel Legrand (*1932)
José Maria Lacalle (1860 – 1937)
Bei Dir war es immer so schön
Theo Mackeben (1897 – 1953)
Summer Skies
Leroy Anderson (1908 – 1975)
Pick Yourself up
Jerome Kern (1885 – 1945)
Charlie Chaplin (1889 – 1977)
All Through the Night
Welsh Traditional
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Book: Singing and accordion in jazz and lyric songs

To a large extent the accordion in connection with singing is recognized in folk music and traditional entertainment music (sea shanties, lullabies, and such). The instrument is less known in jazz and chanson, for sensitive songs with refined harmonies or those originatin from movie films that often became world hits.

The book reports about this demanding, entertaining, internationally treasured and loved music and goes into detail about the little known, to a certain extent never discovered remaining possibilities of the relationship between accordion and singing. This occurs with the assistance of two outstanding German artists, accordionist Andreas Hermeyer and singer Konni Deppe.

TV stars like Goetz Alsmann, Ulrich Tukur, and Botho Lucas as well as further top-caliber artists are quoted in this book and make statements about the accordion and the music presented here as well as its excellent interpreters.

Both musicians comment in a light manner about every piece that they have presented for listing on the CD accompanying this book. In a refreshing manner they present a remarkably interesting view behind the scenes and provide the reader with revealing details about their work, the music, the composers, and themselves.

Anecdotes alternate with long unknown official information about the individual songs. Song texts are completely printed and can be understood with the music. The richly illustrated attractive volume provided with many photos takes the reader on a trip in the exceptionally fascinating landscape of music sung with accordion, whose beauty can be discovered through reading and listening.
CD: Film classics and songs in special arrangements

Treasured and to a large extent well-known jazz standards, classics from movie films, chansons, and real folk songs are presented here in the setting of song and accordion. On the CD accompanying the book one can convince himself how exciting new, unusual, and fascinating familiar old songs like Desafinado, Amapola, Watch What Happens, and Smile can sound with singing and accordion when top-caliber musicians like Konni Deppe (singing) and Andreas Hermeyer (accordion) present these in a practically breathtaking manner with their witty and imaginative arrangements.

Very well known pieces are performed in a completely new manner and open up quite new angles of observation and worlds of experience. When Konni Deppe's transformable jazz and chanson voice is merged with accordionist Andreas Hermeyer's virtuoso and sentimental playing into an integrated whole, one can no longer avoid the wake of the intoxicating muse.

With Andreas Hermeyer, a master student of the great German accordion virtuosos Hans Rauch and Hubert Deuringer, one of the best interpreters of cultivated entertainment music on accordion can be heard. His flexible manner of playing with polished and fine stylistics is convincing in connection with his artistic arrangements. The international concert jazz singer Konni Deppe complements this instrumental hemisphere with her seductive song and creates a magical atmosphere.

The duo is tonally enriched by famous guest musicians, who additionally round off the thrilling cosmos of accordion and singing with sensitive percussion and double bass sounds. That the CD's sound quality does not lack brilliance thereby is due to the artistic level of the musicians in their conformity.

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