Akkordeon, accordion, accordéon, acordeón, fisarmonica, bayan …
— there are many, completely different terms in common parlance of various languages for a musical instrument that has gained worldwide distribution in many societies.

In a new book plus CD series the subject of the accordion is covered in each of its many attainable facets within its historical development and stylistic variety by one term: accordeon focus.

What do you know about the accordion and its music? Have you already heard or read something about it? Do you know the many different musical forms of this instrument for which only one-sided facts often circulate?

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Times when the accordion was almost exclusively considered to be a mere instrument for folk music (squeeze box, concertina, squiffer) are past. Here you have a chance to inform yourself about all the details.

As amateur or professional musician do you already know the fascinating versatility of this instrument?

Even so, with this book / CD publication you have the opportunity to expand your horizon considerably and to satisfy your thirst for knowledge concerning the accordion. Remarkable experiences in listening with extensive additional information await you in this new and modern form of presentation: the book-and-sound edition accordeon focus.

Accordion music in its entirety is presented in multiple facets to your eyes and ears — for reading and listening. The new concept of book-and-sound focusing on the accordion presents the accordeon focus series as one unit of book plus CD(s): both belonging together, both interconnected.

Lavishly researched and luxuriously designed, the accordeon focus series is a gradually growing compendium about accordion history that conveys in encyclopaedic breadth to the interested reader and listener a new kind of access to music with accordion.

All over the world the accordion has gained a secure place in the fields of jazz, blues, folk, easy listening, and world music as well as in classical music, avant garde, chamber music, orchestra music, and opera. Whether in renowned international music festivals or in the worldwide jazz and popular music scene we can find accordion art presented everywhere at the highest level.

accordeon focus takes the expert as well as the newcomer on a trip to the world of this bellows instrument that is represented here in its whole range of very different styles, musical interpretations, and genres on all continents.

No matter whether it is the sounds of French musette, zydeco music from Louisiana, jazz improvisations, contemporary avant garde music, or orchestra and ensemble formations of the most diverse kind. Each of the volumes in the accordion focus book-andsound edition portrays famous musical personalities, groups, genres, or concepts — a comprehensive source for explorers, collectors, epicures, and spontaneous listeners as well as for amateurs and professionals.
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Critical, demanding, and yet understandable, the historical aspects and specific portrayal of music with accordion are described in depth. In many cases, previously undiscovered and underestimated facts are made accessible to everybody.

In the accordeon focus series, biographical material, musical subjects, or partly cultural aspects take shape in readable and audible form. Listening pleasure and well-founded information attractively presented in text and pictures are coordinated in a unique way. CDs accompanying individual volumes do not compete with the artists’ recordings made in the past or the future. They are outstanding publications in their own right and as far as their interpretational importance is concerned serve as a source of reference. With the articles in the book they fit together into an integral whole and complete the view of the subject in focus.

Information, innovations, and inspirations are the features of the accordeon focus book-and-sound edition. They represent the central starting point for the subject accordion and its music — without mincing matters and always global and unprejudiced!

accordeon focus is a discovery tour to new countries, to unknown musical styles, remarkable performers, and fascinating genres of those musical worlds about which you literally might only have heard a little, if at all.

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