ks530: Baikal Duo "Eclectismes"
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Toccata En Re Mineur Dite "Dorienne"
Astor Piazzolla
Impressions Russes
Rondo Capriccioso
F. Mendelssohn
La Chambre Du Saltimbanque Absent
Anonyme Tzigane
Astor Piazzolla
Anonyme Tzigane
Le Bouleau
Toccata De La Suite Gothique
L. Boellmann
Novelty Russe
Victor Gridin
Piccolo Rag
J. Baselli
Le Charme Des Impossibles
Jean Pacalet
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The "Bayan" as we know it today, is a concert instrument which differs from the popular accordion in the wealth of its tone and range (15 on the right hand and 7 on the left for some models), in its extraodinarily powerful sound and particularly in its system of free bass (barytons).

Its beginnigs can be traced to the Russia of 1871. It was at this time that BIELOBODOROV crafted the first standard chromatic accordion for professionnals. 35 to 40 years of improvements made it a very popular and well loved instrument, with a number of accordion makers turning out several thousand instruments each per year. In 1907, Master STIERLIGOFF crafted a new and perfected convert instrument with 5 bass rows. This instrument was later dubbed the "bayan"after a 9/10th century poet, artist and musician.

Today, Italy, famous for its accordion makers, continues to perfect this marvalous "bayan". The BAIKAL DUO performs its pieces on the instruments of the PIGINI firm, and also form part of the Pigini team along with other reputed bayan players as V. SEMYONOV (USSR), Peter SOAVE (USA), Jean PACALET (France)...

The ear itself will testify to the quality of sound peculiar to these instruments but it is nevertheless interesting to add a few lines to stress the quality of the workmanship of the PIGINI firm, specialists in the making of prestigious concert accordions which are selected by numerous academies and schools of music for their excellent musicality and teh perfection with which they have beeb crafted.

A good accordion requires great care and attention in the crafting of the wood and metals but, most important, the hand of the master in teh delicate stages when sound definition and perfection are given to the instrument. It is successful combination of the different musical and mecanical elements which creates from a collection of disparate parts a harmonious whole which will respond perfectly and immediately to the needs of the musician.

From model to model and instrument to instrument, the PIGINI firm has grawn on its 50 years of experience and sense of tradition to constantly improve the concert accordion and has thus earned itself a well deserved international reputation. We invite you to listen attentively so that you can judge the quality of these instruments for yourself.

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