World Premiere with World Accordion Orchestra conducted by Joan Sommers

Lest We Forget for Accordion Orchestra was commissioned by the UMKC Accordion Orchestra especially for the 2007 Coupe Mondiale performance and is Leonard Stack's first composition for accordion orchestra.

The composer attended both the rehearsal and the world premiere performance of the piece in Alexandria, VA on August 18 which was a great success.

World Accordion Orchestra Concert Master - CIA President Kevin Friedrich
Conductor, ATG President and Vice Chairperson of CIA Music Committee - Joan C. Sommers
Composer of Lest We Forget (World Premiere) - Leonard Stack
Notes from the Composer for Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget is a classical composition in the form of a programmatic tone poem. The piece is in a freely atonal style with occasional forays into tonality and bi-tonality.

The programmatic element in it deals with the insanity and misery leading up to and resulting from war. Contained in the composition are jingoistic cries for victory overwhelmed by the suffering of humanity.

The music begins with a bleak and austere opening section which then segues into the first combative episode. This scheme repeats itself throughout the composition. After the battle is a sad, wistful melody followed by another disruption of the peace. Then, a fugal section is employed, followed by the inverted fugal subject meant to depict the clash of opposing armies. Then there is a recapitulation of that sad, wistful melody which serves as a short reprieve between battles. When the military drums begin we have the final clashing of armies with a trite patriotic theme in the background. Finally all is still, victor and vanquished lie together mortally wounded and the short angry coda summarizes the entire folly.

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stack01 Lest We Forget - Score plus 1 of each of the 12 parts (Ensemble/Orchestra)

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stack01-5 Lest We Forget - Accordion 5
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stack01-bass Lest We Forget - Bass Accordion
stack01-perc1 Lest We Forget - Percussion1
stack01-perc2 Lest We Forget - Percussion2
stack01-timpani Lest We Forget - Timpani
stack01-tenor Lest We Forget - Tenor Accordion only

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