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mfa7062 Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here:

Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here is an American popular song first published in 1917. The lyrics were written by D. A. Esrom (pseudonym of Theodora Morse) to a tune originally written by Arthur Sullivan as a spoof of Verdi's Anvil Chorus for the 1879 comic opera The Pirates of Penzance.

The tune is part of "With Cat-Like Tread" from Act II of Pirates of Penzance and was modified by Theodora Morse from Sullivan's four-part original.

Today the chorus of the song (with revised lyrics) is perhaps more identifiable (certainly amongst Irish and Scottish communities) as being part of "The Celtic Song", sung by the fans of Glasgow Celtic in Scotland. Glen Daly recorded an "official version" of "The Celtic Song" that is commonly played at Celtic Park prior to matches.

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