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Title: IL DOLCE DOLORE eTracks mp3 album by Sergey Osokin
IL DOLCE DOLORE CD cover Catalog: os603eT

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Trio No. 1 Op. 9 for violin, cello and accordion (1986)

Timo-Juhani Kyllönen

21:38 € 4,90
2. Dream Garden for Violoncello and bayan (1997) Mikhail Bronner 10:28 € 2,65
3. Fantasy in the Memory of Alfred Schnittke (1998) Efrem Podgaits 10:10 € 2,65
4. Il Dolce Dolore for violoncello and bayan (1990) Sergey Berinsky 10:40 € 2,65
    TOTAL 54:19  

Catalog: os603
Title: IL DOLCE DOLORE CD by Sergey Osokin
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