pearlcd08: The Jewel Of The Accordion

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A. Lara
O Sole Mio Di Capua 2:56
Ciribiribin - Variations A. Pestalozza 4:20
Caravan Duke Ellington 2:21
Carmen G. Bizet 6:14
Autumn Leaves J. Kosma 3:08
Fossettes A. Dante 2:56
Begin The Beguine Cole Porter 4:39
Hejre Kati Hungarian Traditional 2:09
Lambeth Polka A. Dante & H. Minay 2:33
Sleepy Blues P. Fawcett 3:31
Tico Tico Z. Abreu 3:27
Sound Samples:
mp3 file size
O Sole Mio 30s 1.14mb
Ciribiribin - Variations 30s 1.14mb
Caravan 30s 1.14mb
Carmen 30s 1.14mb
Autumn Leaves 30s 1.14mb
Fossettes 30s 1.14mb
Begin The Beguine 30s 1.14mb
Hejre Kati 30s 1.14mb
Lambeth Polka 30s 1.14mb
Sleepy Blues 30s 1.14mb
Tico Tico 30s 1.14mb

This recording includes many popular favourites from PEARL FAWCETT-ADRIANO's repertoire, demonstrating different kinds of music and many different sounds - all by using one instrument. The accordion used is custom made and incorporates the normal acoustic accordion and a midi system which can produce a variety of electronic sounds. Both acoustic and electronic can be played independently or together, thereby creating a myriad of sounds, from a single sound to a multi-instrumental effect. Pearl has such a command of this instrument that she utilises it to the full orchestral and musical extent.

Her vast repertoire ranges from classical to light music, French Musette and continental, and no matter what kind of music she plays, her marvellous technique and control of the instrument ensures that the music is interpreted to the full.

The music on this recording demonstrates the versatility of the accordion, with a variety of styles, dynamics and expression. All the musical arrangements are by Pearl Fawcett-Adriano and all the pieces are played solo, with no other musicians, and no overdubbing or multi-tracking.

Although classically trained, a music graduate, a former tutor and professor of accordion at the Royal Northern College of Music, having given classical concerts and recitals on radio and TV and in prestigious concert halls, and having done much to elevate the status of the accordion as a 'musical' instrument, Pearl enjoys many different kinds of music. On this CD are some of the pieces that she enjoys playing and that her audiences enjoy listening to.

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