pearlcd10: The Two Great Pietros

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P. Diero
Sicilian Serenade P. Frosini 2:35
Trieste P. Diero 6:25
Loveliness P. Frosini 4:07
Cubanera P. Diero 3:05
Pyramid P. Diero 2:34
Omaggio A Pietro P. Frosini 5:44
Celestial Whispering P. Frosini 3:26
Sweepstakes P. Frosini 2:34
Abundance P. Diero 3:10
The Brave Matador P. Frosini 2:30
Chanticleer P. Diero 5:15
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Quick Silver
Sicilian Serenade 30s 1.14mb
Trieste 30s 1.14mb
Loveliness 30s 1.14mb
Cubanera 30s 1.14mb
Pyramid 30s 1.14mb
Omaggio A Pietro 30s 1.14mb
Celestial Whispering 30s 1.14mb
Sweepstakes 30s 1.14mb
Abundance 30s 1.14mb
The Brave Matador 30s 1.14mb
Chanticleer 30s 1.14mb

The title refers to two great accordion pioneers - PIETRO FROSINI (1885 - 1951) and PIETRO DEIRO (1888 - 1954). Italian by birth, they both emigrated to the USA in the early 1900s. Both became very successful as performers, composers, recording artistes and teachers - and they were also friends.

They each had their own individual style of performing and composing and each contributed greatly to the development of the accordion in the USA and beyond in the first half of the 20th Century.

The compositions on this recording range from novelty numbers to Latin - American and overtures, portraying the talent of these composers.

There is a link between the two great Pietros and the performer on this recording. Pearl Fawcett Adriano's late husband ADRIAN DANTE was a friend of both composers and did much to promote their music in the U.K and Europe in the second half of the 20th Century - and so their musical legacy lives on.

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