pearlcd11: Les Melodies Continentales

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Waltz Medley
P. Fawcett
Santa Lucia P. Fawcett 2:58
Musette Italienne P. Fawcett 3:05
Marsala Bella P. Fawcett 2:22
Mirifique James Martin 2:32
Cin-Cin Polka Adrian Dante 2:22
La Vie Parisienne P. Fawcett 2:52
Toselli's Serenade P. Fawcett 4:12
Minouchette Martin Gerard 2:55
Cielito Lindo P. Fawcett 2:22
Mandoliers' Tango Remo Lauricella 2:46
Cinzarella Adrian Dante 2:45
Sound Samples:
mp3 file size
Waltz Medley
Santa Lucia 30s 1.14mb
Musette Italienne 30s 1.14mb
Marsala Bella 30s 1.14mb
Mirifique 30s 1.14mb
Cin-Cin Polka 30s 1.14mb
La Vie Parisienne 30s 1.14mb
Toselli's Serenade 30s 1.14mb
Minouchette 30s 1.14mb
Cielito Lindo 30s 1.14mb
Mandoliers' Tango 30s 1.14mb
Cinzarella 30s 1.14mb

PEARL FAWCETT-ADRIANO's repertoire is very side ranging from classics to continental and Latin-American. In all aspects of her performing career - concerts, radio, TV and recording - she demonstrates this repertoire to its full extent. She has always promoted and portrayed the accordion as a very versatile, colourful, exciting and expressive instrument.

Aprolific broadcaster, giving solo classical recitals on BBC radio and television, as well as lighter programmes (e.g. All Kinds of Music, Melodies For You, etc), for approximately ten years she was the mos popular artiste on BBC Radio 2's "Charlie Chester's Sunday Soapbox", appearing almost every week. The kind of music she played on that programme is reflected in this recording - bright continental - type music, such as polkas, tarantellas, waltzes etc...

Although Pearl trained as a classical musician, was Junior and Senior CMA World Accordion Champion, and a former music Professor and lecturer, her taste in music is very diverse. Her enjoyment in playing many different types of music is very evident in her live performances, and also in the vibrant, sparkling sounds of this recording.

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