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prbuttall01 Bramstedter Marsch! (Accordion Orchestra score and individual parts):

Parts List: Accordion 1, Accordion 2, Accordion 3, Accordion 4, Bass Accordion, Drum Kit. See sample music, link below.

I like to visit my dear friends, Peter, Roberta & Princess Grainne, who live in the village of Bramstedt, North Germany. A few years back, as I was walking along the road across the fields, on my way to Bramstedt ‘International’ (actually just a platform on the main Bremen railway line!), this little tune came to me, rather in the manner of a Beethoven sketch – but whereas he jotted it down in a notebook, I simply hummed it into my mobile phone’s voice memo! It’s very much intended as a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ German march, with a direct lift from a famous German folksong in the trio, and another brief ‘Teutonic’ reference right at the end!

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prbuttall01 - Bramstedter Marsch! (AccordionOrchestra)

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