Notes from the Arranger:
prbuttall02 Princess Grainne's Air & Jig (Accordion Orchestra):

Parts List: Accordion 1, Accordion 2, Accordion 3, Accordion 4, Bass Accordion.
See sample music, link below.

‘Grainne na Dun na nGal’, or ‘Grainne’ for short, is a lovely soft-coated Irish Wheaten terrier bitch who lives with my dear friends in North Germany. She has a unique personality – a loveable and affectionate nature combined with all the mischievous fun of the Leprechauns or ‘Little People’! And just to give the piece a little authentic flavour, you might even notice a couple of real Irish ‘tunes’ tossed into the mix for good measure!

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prbuttall02 - Princess Grainne's Air& Jig(AccordionOrchestra)

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