Notes from the Arranger:
prbuttall04 The Lone Ar-ranger! (Accordion Solo / Accordion Orchestra):

Parts List: Accordion 1, Accordion 2, Accordion 3, Accordion 4, Bass Accordion and Drum Set.
See sample music, link below.

The Lone Ar-ranger! has been one of Philip’s most popular pieces ever, and has been heard around the world in many different versions! It’s a fun potpourri of familiar tunes (nearly 40!) which flash by, often tantalisingly quickly, based on the finale of the ‘William Tell’ Overture. For those young enough not to appreciate the title, Rossini’s music was used as the signature tune for ‘The Lone Ranger’, one of the first Westerns to hit TV back in the early 1950s! Following many requests I have now added a ‘Tune Sheet’, so performers and listeners can follow the tunes as they flash by!

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Click link below for Philip R Buttall music Tootie-Flooties! (Accordion Orchestra) sound sample:
prbuttall04- Tootie-Flooties! (Accordion Orchestra)

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