Notes from the Arranger:

Solo version: rrenzo503 - Tango Italiano (Solo)

Now there is an update of this very popular composition "Tango Italian" (ver. 1.3, 2021) for solo virtuoso accordion.

Ensemble version:
rrenzo522 - Tango Italiano (ensemble): in one ebook, 5 different ensembles.

With Tango Italiano, I wanted to compose a jazz tango that had jazz influences (the first part is constructed with a modal harmony) and include an Italian melody in the middle.

This work in solo accordion virtuoso style is made with an indication of both the main melodies, and variations and improvisations are customizable and encouraged.

This song was part of a university thesis in 2013 and has been performed numerous times by winners of international accordion competitions.

Many musicians in different parts of the world perform this work regularly in their concerts and personally I play this song in almost every concert of mine.

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