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Notes from the Composer/Arranger:

Catalog: rrenzo528 - Il Postino composed by Luis Bacalov, arrangement for virtuoso accordion by Renzo Ruggieri.

In December 2023, Renzo Ruggieri released an updated arrangment of Il Postino.

Renzo Ruggieri writes: "This is a very EFFECTIVE arrangement of a famous composition from the film Il Postino. The special feature of this arrangement is that all the MELODY is rich with contrast from a very soft mood to a very rich yet difficult performance section.

This arrangement is perfect for important concerts and it's a very good as a "melodic" work in Virtuoso Entertainment competition repertoire.

This work has been part of winning programs of Trophy and Coupe Mondiale international entertainment competitions and two examples are:

Andrea Di Giacomo CD
Lorenzo Bosica CD

Recording of the whole work: Video: Il Postino recording by Andrea Di Giacomo

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