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Biography - November 2015:
Tian Jianan was born in 1994 in China. At the age of five, Tian followed teacher Pu Li to study piano accordion. In 2005, she studied key-button free bass accordion with Cao Xiaqing, the professor of accordion at Central Conservatory of Music. In September of the following year, owing to her outstanding exam results, Tian was admitted to the Middle School Affiliated to Central Conservatory of Music.

Under the strict musical instruction of Prof. Cao Xiao-Qing, Tian Jianan has achieved exceptional improvements in her music capability and performance level. She has competed internationally with huge success winning 1st prize 31 times and 2nd prize 6 times for classical, variety, electronic accordion and chamber music categories.

These successes were at international competitions in Castelfidardo (Italy), Klingenthal (Germany), Moscow (Russia) and Coupe Mondiales in 2009 (New Zealand), 2013 (Canada), Trophee Mondial in 2014 (Lithuania). For 8 of these competitions, this was the first time a Chinese player had been the winner. Tian Jianan has been given the award of “World First-class Art Competition” by China’s Ministry of Culture a total of five times.

In September 2012, Tian Jianan was recommended for admission to the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), Beijing. Tian Jianan, due to her eminent efforts, has since been selected in CCOM's "BOB project” for the very highest level of CCOM talent.

Tian’s performances have earned high marks from Professor Elsbeth Moser in Hanover Academy of Music; Frank Marocco-the famous American jazz accordion performer and other artists from different countries of the world. Franck Angelis, a renowned French composer, has composed the suite “Beijing 2011” for her, and this work was awarded “the best original solo work award” at the 2013 Coupe Mondiale after which it was successfully released to the market.

Now Tian Jianan is in her senior year of accordion in CCOM and the sophomore of composition as second major. Her new chamber piece “Memento” was awarded the “outstanding-work prize” in "Yan-Huang composition competition" in China in November 2014 and she has been given “the best performer prize” in the final concert.

Personal website: www.tianjianan.cn.

Contact: tianjianan2012@163.com

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