eTrack Music by Virtuoso Accordionists Harley and Maurice Jones

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1. Bel Viso 2:08 € 0.80
2. Repasz Band 1:36 € 0.80
3. Prelude and Fugue in C Major 4:02 € 0.80
4. I Want To Hold Your Hand 2:06 € 0.80
5. Pearls of Crystal 2:56 € 0.80
6. Harmonious Blacksmith 3:26 € 0.80
7. Day Tripper 1:49 € 0.80
8. Nola 2:04 € 0.80
9. A Walk in the Black Forest 2:28 € 0.80
10. Accordiana 2:02 € 0.80
11. Please Please Me 1:50 € 0.80
12. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 3:54 € 0.80
13. Return March 2:07 € 0.80
14. United Nations Polka 2:24 € 0.80
15. Crocodile Rock 2:52 € 0.80
16. Flight of the Bumble Bee/Bumble Boogie 2:56 € 0.80
17. Le Cou Cou - The Cuckoo 1:52 € 0.80

Virtuoso Accordionists Harley and Maurice Jones - 1975

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1975 Album Cover text:

Harley and Maurice Jones began playing the accordion at the age of 8 and 9 years. Their early achievements included wins in practically all classes in the N.Z. Championship events, Harley winning the N.Z. Championship at the age of 14 and Maurice winning it at 16 years. Both boys were taught by their father Allan Jones who has also taught many other N.Z. students to winning N.Z. Championships, and record on National Radio programmes.

Harley throughout this period was taking lessons on the piano from Percy Smallfield of Auckland, achieving honours in many examinations and finally gaining A.T.C.L. and L.T.C.L. in this field.

Harley renders quite a few solos covering novelty to classical works and for these he uses conventional and musette tuned accordions. Maurice has made many appearances playing the electronic accordion and this instrument is featured in some duets and solos. He also plays conventional accordion, favouring modern as well as classical and novelty music and is a stylish soloist on both types of accordion.

Harley & Maurice have made many public appearances playing on T.V. and National Radio and both are recognised accordion teachers. Their remarkable skills are demonstrated on this recording which features no other musical instruments.

Accordions Supplied by: Titano Accordions (NZ) Ltd
Recording Engineers: Tony Moan, Phil Yule
Remix Engineer: Phil Yule
Recorded at Stebbing Recording Studios

New Zealand Historical Recordings Series

About New Zealand Historical Recordings Series

The New Zealand Accordion Association Inc (NZAA) has a project in support of the Dargaville Museum 'Accordion Gems  ...A Master Collection of Accordions through Time' ...  This major accordion display was initiated by our NZAA Life Member Kevin Friedrich.

The NZAA project is to find all the old historic recordings of accordion performance. Many of these performances were recorded in high quality for National Broadcast Radio or on LP or EP's.  The NZAA project is to remaster these historic recordings to modern digital files, able to be played as CD's.

Gary Daverne has already remastered some of them for the NZAA, to be ready in time for the NZAA 40th Anniversary Celebrations, 4th and 5th June 2011. Gary Daverne has been of invaluable assistance in this remastering of these old recordings and we thank him for his greatly appreciated help.

The results are very good quality, so much so, that the decision has been made to re-release these recordings on the website as well as to have them form part of the Dargaville Museum accordion history display.

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