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Links below to music samples and "Notes from the arranger/composer" for each accordion piece by Charnwood Publishing:

DW920E - A Cool Thing composed by Douglas Ward
DW927E - A Summer Breeze composed by Douglas Ward
DW502E - Abbadabba composed by Douglas Ward
DW503E - ACC 515 composed by Douglas Ward
DW904E - Blog 27 composed by Douglas Ward
DW924E - Chocolation composed by Douglas Ward
DW925E - Clairette composed by Douglas Ward
DW510E - Coming Home composed by Douglas Ward
M375E - Emancipation composed by Douglas Ward
DW911E - Hocus Pocus composed by Douglas Ward
DW513E - Moonshadow composed by Douglas Ward
DW909E - The Naughty Monkey composed by Douglas Ward
M346E - Cavalleta composed by Karolyn Broadhead
M348E - The Princess Waltz composed by H. Benton
M358E - The Helter Skelter composed by W. J. Farran
M401E - Lynnette composed by Cyril Pasby
M430E - Heidi composed by W. J. Farran
M602E - Swinging Safari composed by Frederik Parnell
M604E - Fête Villageois composed by Frederik Parnell
M632E - Picnic Time in Bavaria composed by Sue Coppard
M640E - At The Bar Flamingo composed by Sue Coppard
M651E - Pony Trot composed by Frederick Parnell
M682E - Lime Daiquiri composed by Sue Coppard

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