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DH0253:  Whispering Hope

Alice Hawthorne is a pseudonym for composer Septimus Winner (11 May 1827 to 22 November 1902) who was an American songwriter of the 19th century.

Septimus Winner used his own name, and also other pseudonyms Percy Guyer, Mark Mason, Apsley Street, and Paul Stenton. He was also a teacher, performer, and music publisher.

Septimus Winner composed "Whispering Hope" in 1868 and it was one of his more popular works.

Popular works by Septimus Winner included:
"How Sweet Are the Roses" (1850)
"I Set My Heart Upon a Flower" (1854)
"What Is Home Without a Mother" (1854)
"Listen to the Mockingbird" (1855)
"Abraham's Daughter" or "Raw Recruits" (1861)
"Der Deitcher's Dog" or "Oh Where, oh Where Ish Mine Little Dog Gone" (1864)
"Ellie Rhee" or "Carry Me Back to Tennessee" (1865)
"What Care I?" (1866)
"Whispering Hope" (1868)
"Ten Little Injuns" (1868)
"The Birdies' Ball" (1869)
"Come Where the Woodbine Twineth" (1870)
"Love Once Gone Is Lost Forever" (1870)

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