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Catalog: eT-nzom005:
Title: Koriana, New Zealand Music for Accordion
eTracks (mp3) album
Koriana New Zealand Accordion Music CD cover
Catalog: nzom005eT

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eTracks (mp3) Album

Played by: Champion New Zealand Accordionists
Track Name (Sound samples below) Composer Time Buy/Price
1. 2nd Rhapsody for Accordion and Orchestra
Gary Daverne
9:20 € 1.25
2. Song of the Far North
Gary Daverne
5:32 € 1.25
3. Koriana
Gary Daverne
7:35 € 1.25
4. Two Plus One (Song of Peace)
Gary Daverne
3:07 € 0.90
5. Tango 130 (For Stephanie)
Gary Daverne
2:55 € 0.90
6. German Polka (For Günther)
Gary Daverne
1:56 € 0.90
7. Concert Waltz
Gary Daverne
6:25 € 1.25
8. A Jazz Burlesque
Gary Daverne
2:55 € 0.90
9. Hokianga Hornpipe
Gary Daverne
3:30 € 0.90
10. Margarita Revisited
Gary Daverne
2:11 € 0.90
11.Musical Party
Gary Daverne
8:19 € 1.25
12. Pocket Overture
Gary Daverne
4:36 € 0.90
13. Auckland March
Gary Daverne
4:22 € 0.90
14. Caprice
Gary Daverne
9:07 € 1.25
15. Bonus Track. Oblivion (Astor Piazzolla - Arr. Gary Daverne) arr. Gary Daverne 4:29 € 0.90
  Total Time 77:00  

Catalog nzom005:
Title: Koriana, New Zealand Music for Accordion - CD
Koriana New Zealand Accordion Music CD cover
Koriana CD label
Koriana CD tracks list

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Gary Daverne ONZM
 The Music:

1. 2nd Rhapsody for Accordion and Orchestra:
(Soloist: Grayson Masefield with the North Shore Accordion Ensemble conducted by Lionel Reekie).

2nd Rhapsody was recorded at the Takapuna War Memorial Hall, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand, 11th December 2016. Ensemble players are: Lian Jones, Campbell Bettridge, Alanah Jones, Jenna Murray, Kristina Roper, Stephanie Panzic, Catrina Lin, Alexandra Reekie. This was a New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA) project and the work was commissioned by a grant from Foundation North Trust and composed for Grayson Masefield.

2. Song of the Far North: (Soloist: Wenting Yang accordion with Roger Chen piano).

Composed in 2016, this work was originally scored for solo accordion and piano, but its premiere performance was in December 2017 with an accordion orchestra and soloist. The slow movement has been recorded as a piano solo.

3. Koriana: (Soloist: Eddie Giffney)

Composed for and premiered by Eddie Giffney, it was awarded the best original classical composition, at the World Accordion 2009 Coupe Mondiale, held in Auckland New Zealand, August 2009.

4. Two Plus One (Song of Peace):
(Lionel Reekie and Kevin Friedrich - accordions – Elena Reekie piano)

This work was composed in 2018 for three of Lionel’s students and premiered by them in Auckland. It was later arranged for string ensemble and accordion orchestra, the accordion arrangement being premiered in Dallas, Texas, March 2019, with Lionel Reekie conducting the Texas Accordion Festival Orchestra.

5. Tango 130 (For Stephanie): (Soloist: Grayson Masefield)

This was a special composition for long-time friend, Stephanie Poole. Stephanie was a New Zealand Accordion Champion and has performed and recorded many of Gary’s accordion compositions. The 130 represents the tempo which Grayson wanted to record it at. Gary wanted 128 or 132. *A video clip of this recording is available on YouTube.

6. German Polka (For Günther): (Soloist: Grayson Masefield)

Composed in 2017 for long-time friend and conductor, Günther Stoll, to celebrate his 50 years as a conductor of accordion orchestras in Germany.

7. Concert Waltz: (Soloist: Kevin Friedrich with String Silhouette)

From the archives, this vintage recording of a work specially written for Kevin Friedrich and premiered and recorded by him in Auckland, June 1993 with String Silhouette (Jane Wright, Sandra Smith (Violins) Olwyn Green (Viola) Joanne Johnston (‘Cello). Although there have been several other recordings and arrangements made, this was the first recording produced. The work was later re-arranged for symphony orchestra, retitled Ghosts of Alberton, recorded by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra - Czech Republic, released on the Gallipoli CD.

8. A Jazz Burlesque: (International Trio: Julie Silfverberg , Juha Silfverberg and Kevin Friedrich).

Another vintage recording of music specially composed in 1992 for Kevin Friedrich, this one recorded in Kansas City. Since this initial recording, there have been many different arrangements and recordings made of A Jazz Burlesque.

9. Hokianga Hornpipe: (Soloist: Lionel Reekie)

Originally called Hokianga Harbourside, is from Gary’s musical: John Hobbs - A Man With A Mission, set in the 1830s in the northern region of New Zealand’s North Island. Hokianga is on the west coast and this was a dance/song for the sailors.

10. Margarita Revisited: (Soloist: Lionel Reekie) Originally composed as a duet for accordion and saxophone, for American accordionist and friend, Rita.

Hence the name Margarita. Regrettably, it was never performed until Kevin Friedrich premiered it with flute and accordion. Several arrangements have been made and the main theme, reused in Gary’s musical, John Hobbs - A Man With A Mission.

11. Musical Party: (Soloist: Stephanie Poole with the Auckland Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gary Daverne), recorded November 2012 in concert, at the Auckland Town Hall.

Musical Party was commissioned by the New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA) to commemorate their 30th anniversary in June 2001. Gary dedicated the work to Italian born, New Zealand resident, Silvio De Pra, honouring him for his outstanding contribution to the accordion in New Zealand. This work was premiered on June 3 2001, by a massed accordion orchestra, conducted by the composer.

Originally written for accordion orchestra, this work was revised in 2005 for solo accordion with concert orchestra and recorded by American accordionist, Mary Tokarski, with the Moravian Philharmonic-Czech Republic, with Gary conducting. *A video clip of this recording is available on YouTube.

12. Pocket Overture: World Accordion Orchestra III, 147 accordionists from 14 different Nations, conducted by Gary Daverne.

Recorded in concert: 29 August 2009 at the Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand. This was a commissioned work, originally for accordion orchestra and premiered at the Royal Festival Hall, London, February 1993, by Jenny’s Accordionaires, with the composer conducting. It was re-arranged for full symphony orchestra and received its New Zealand premiere in July 1993 with Auckland’s youth symphonic orchestra, Orchestra Nova.

This miniature overture is similar to a pocket containing many treasures, little “goodies” collected over a period of time, in as much as it consists of several snippets of the melodies and rhythms from the composer’s other compositions. Pocket Overture was awarded first prize in the ATG (Accordion Teachers’ Guild of America) 31st annual competition, for original composition, in July 1993.

13. Auckland March: World Accordion Orchestra III, (147 accordionists from 14 different Nations), Conducted by Gary Daverne.

This was commissioned by the New Zealand Accordion Association for performance at the 2009 Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships, where it was premiered and recorded in concert, held at the Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand, 29th August 2009. Orchestral and Brass/Wind Band arrangements have also been made of this march.

14. Caprice: Accordion Orchestra Music School ‘Risto Saviv’ - Zalec – Slovenia. Conducted by Andreja Turnsek.

Caprice was originally composed as a commissioned work for two pianos. It was premiered under the title, Duo Caprice, in Auckland, July 1989. A few years later it was arranged for accordion orchestra, with the title, Caprice and premiéred in England by Jenny’s Accordionaires from Colchester. Still later it was re-orchestrated for symphony orchestra and re-titled, Portrait of Ponsonby.

15. Bonus Track. Oblivion (Piazzolla - Arr. Gary Daverne).: (Soloist: Stephanie Poole) with the Auckland Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gary Daverne.

Recorded live in concert at Auckland’s Bruce Mason Theatre, 25 August 2009.

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