James O'Brien accordion music arranger and compoer,  former  Professor of Music at The University of Arizona School of Music faculty since 1975

Christmas Arrangements:

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All Music by James P  O'Brien

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James P. O'Brien has been a Professor of Music at The University of Arizona School of Music faculty since 1975.

Since his retirement, he holds the academic rank of Professor Emeritus. He received his B.S. in General Studies from Portland State University and an M. Ed. in Music from Central Washington State College. In 1969 he was awarded the Ph. D. in Music Education at the University of Colorado. He also holds an MBA. from Arizona State University (1986) in marketing and finance.

Before coming to The University of Arizona, he taught public school music and math in Oregon and served as an Associate Professor of Music at Oregon College of Education as well as a Senior Lecturer at Torrens College of Advanced Education in South Australia.

Dr. O'Brien has authored 8 published textbooks and several articles in national journals. He has been the recipient of numerous grants dedicated to the improvement of classroom music teaching through technology. His performance specialty is the keyboard and he is an avid accordionist as well as an arranger/composer of accordion music including over 150 original compositions and arrangements.

He has produced three accordion CDs as a soloist and founded the Accordion Club of Tucson in 1998.

Since retirement from The University of Arizona in 2003, he has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., volunteering at lighthouses as a guide/interpreter as well as providing lectures on the history of accordion, which incorporate live performance and demonstration. He has written and directed numerous musicals for community groups and is also the author of a book on retirement: The Realities of Retirement.

Email: jobrien@u.arizona.edu
Notes from the arranger/composer for each accordion piece of this large catalog of many different styles and types of accordion music by James P O'Brien:

obriens001 - La Valse Soyeux Solo
obriens002 - Tengo Tango Solo
obriens003 - De Colores Duet
obriens004 - Denis Murphy’s Slide Duet
obriens005 - Londonderry Air Solo and Duet
obriens006 - A Rag In Time Solo
obriens007 - The Boys Of Bluehill Duet
obriens008 - Arranmore Duet
obriens009 - Donegal Mazurka Duet
obriens010 - Theme And 15 Variations For Piano Accordion Solo
obriens011 - Scotland the Brave Solo and Duet
obriens012 - Scarborough Fair Solo and Duet
obriens013 - Botany Bay Solo and Duet
obriens014 - Dodecaphonic Dawn Solo
obriens015 - Tarantella Duet
obriens016 - Give Me That Old Time Religion Duet
obriens017 - Chuperlika Duet
obriens018 - O Bury Me Not Solo and Duet
obriens019 - Loch Lomond Solo and Duet
obriens020 - Dubinushka Duet
obriens021 - Waltzing Matilda Solo and Duet
obriens022 - Tyrolienne Duet
obriens023 - A Boat From Chios Duet
obriens024 - Ushti, Ushti, Baba Duet
obriens025 - Jerakina Duet
obriens026 - Early One Morning Duet
obriens027 - Dance Duet
obriens028 - Adiós Duet
obriens029 - Russian Melody Duet
obriens030 - Tiritomba Solo and Duet
obriens031 - Erinaki Duet
obriens032 - Karapiet Duet
obriens033 - The Wabash Cannonball Solo and Duet
obriens034 - Dance Duet
obriens035 - The Lover’s Knot Solo and Duet
obriens036 - Auld Lang Syne Solo and Duet
obriens037 - Bridal Jig Duet
obriens038 - Come Back To Sorrento Solo and Duet
obriens039 - Drink to My Only With Thine Eyes Solo and Duet
obriens040 - Ductia Duet
obriens041 - East Boldon Jig Duet
obriens042 - El Carretero Duet
obriens043 - El Reloj Duet
obriens044 - Fa La Nana, Bambin Duet
obriens045 - Fragosiriani Duet
obriens046 - I Gave My Love A Cherry Duet
obriens047 - Katyusha Solo and Duet
obriens048 - Kerfank Duet
obriens049 - La Cucaracha Solo and Duet
obriens050 - La Jesusita Duet
obriens051 - Little Fugueing Ensemble/Orchestra
obriens052 - Mein Hut Duet
obriens053 - Minka Solo and Duet
obriens054 - Pancakes Duet
obriens055 - Pat-A-Pan Duet
obriens056 - Pletionka Duet
obriens057 - Portsmouth (Old Air) Duet
obriens058 - Sailor’s Hornpipe Duet
obriens059 - Santa Lucia Solo and Duet
obriens060 - Skip To My Lou Solo and Duet
obriens061 - Staten Island Hornpipe Duet
obriens062 - The Mudgee Waltz Duet
obriens063 - The Old Bullock Dray Solo and Duet
obriens064 - Vdol Pa Ulitzye Duet
obriens065 - The Village Tavern Duet
obriens066 - Waltz Duet
obriens067 - Yankee Doodle Solo and Duet
obriens068 - A La Nanita Nana Duet
obriens069 - A Thousand Miles Away Duet
obriens070 - Battle Of Loudon Duet
obriens071 - Bella Bimba Duet
obriens072 - Brandoliña Duet
obriens073 - Bring A Torch, Jeannette, Isabella Duet
obriens074 - Cielito Lindo Solo and Duet
obriens075 - Country Garden Solo and Duet
obriens076 - Dance From Hessen Duet
obriens077 - Danse Duet
obriens078 - Fais Dodo Duet
obriens079 - Folk Song Duet
obriens080 - Ghialo, Ghialo Duet
obriens081 - The Girl I Left Behind Me Duet
obriens082 - Home On The Range Solo and Duet
obriens083 - Julida Polka Duet
obriens084 - Kato Sto Ghialo Duet
obriens085 - Lads of Dunse Duet
obriens086 - Leeds Polka Duet
obriens087 - Love Song Duet
obriens088 - Moreton Bay Duet
obriens089 - O Sole Mio Solo and Duet
obriens090 - Oh No, John. No! Duet
obriens091 - Petite Russie Duet
obriens092 - Rocka My Soul Solo and Duet
obriens093 - Soldier’s Joy Duet
obriens094 - St. Patrick’s Day Duet
obriens095 - Streets of Laredo Solo and Duet
obriens096 - The Dying Stockman Duet
obriens097 - Twa Sisters o Binnorie Duet
obriens098 - Vo Polye Berioza Stoyala Duet
obriens099 - With Sounds of Pipes Duet
obriens100 - A Highland Lad Solo and Duet
obriens101 - A Nautical Yarn Solo and Duet
obriens102 - Annie Laurie Solo and Duet
obriens103 - Arkansas Traveler Solo and Duet
obriens104 - Blue Bells of Scotland Solo and Duet
obriens105 - Chiapanecas Solo and Duet
obriens106 - Every Night When The Sun Goes In Duet
obriens107 - Foggy Dew Duet
obriens108 - Greensleeves Solo and Duet
obriens109 - Helena Polka Solo and Duet
obriens110 - La Golondrina Solo and Duet
obriens111 - Le Chat à Jeannette Duet
obriens112 - Little Brown Jug Duet
obriens113 - Marianina Duet
obriens114 - Mi Tormento Duet
obriens115 - Midnight in Moscow Solo and Duet
obriens116 - O Du Lieber Augustine Solo and Duet
obriens117 - Pentozalis Duet
obriens118 - Plaisir d’amour Solo and Duet
obriens119 - Psaropoula Duet
obriens120 - Red River Valley Solo and Duet
obriens121 - Román Castillo Duet
obriens122 - The Sailor's Hornpipe Solo and Duet
obriens123 - Skye Boat Song Solo and Duet
obriens124 - Sweet Maid of Glendaruel Duet
obriens125 - The Wild Colonial Boy Duet
obriens126 - Tinker Polka Duet
obriens127 - Troika Duet
obriens128 - Valse è Delsay Duet
obriens129 - What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor Solo and Duet
obriens130 - A Bushman’s Song Duet
obriens131 - As I Went Out Duet
obriens132 - Bagpiper’s Carol Duet
obriens133 - Bielbie’s Hornpipe Duet
obriens134 - Björnborgarnes Marsch Duet
obriens135 - Carnival of Venice Solo and Duet
obriens136 - Click Go the Shears Solo and Duet
obriens137 - Jenny Lind Polka Solo and Duet
obriens138 - My Last Farewell to Stirling Duet
obriens139 - Shenandoah Duet
obriens140 - Take This Hammer Duet
obriens141 - Worried Man Blues Duet
obriens142 - Danse Deux Duet
obriens143 - John Peel Duet
obriens144 - March Of The Kings Solo and Duet
obriens145 - O Soldier, Soldier Duet
obriens146 - The Queensland Drover Duet
obriens147 - With My Swag All On My Shoulder Duet
obriens148 - Garryowen Duet
obriens149 - Irish Washerwoman Solo and Duet
obriens150 - Kesh Jig Duet
obriens151 - The Sailor’s Hornpipe Duet
obriens152 - Scottish Whistle Solo and Duet
obriens153 - St. Patrick’s Day Duet
obriens154 - Wearing Of The Green Solo and Duet
obriens155 - Die Musica Solo
obriens156 - Muss I Denn Solo and Duet
obriens157 - On The Bridge Of Avignon Solo and Duet
obriens158 - Samiotissa Duet
obriens159 - Schwesterlein Duet
obriens160 - Vive La Compagnie Solo and Duet
obriens161 - Talk To Me Duet
obriens162 - Tarantella-Napolitana Solo and Duet
obriens163 - Tiritomba Duet
obriens164 - Vieni Sul Mar Solo and Duet
obriens165 - Wild Mountain Thyme Duet
obriens166 - Windmiller Polka Duet
obriens167 - As I Went Out Duet
obriens168 - Bagpiper’s Carol Duet
obriens170 - Cicirinella Duet
obriens171 - Hopak Solo and Duet
obriens172 - I Maccheroni Duet
obriens173 - Kalinka Solo and Duet
obriens174 - La Bamba Solo and Duet
obriens175 - La Tumba Duet
obriens176 - Las Mañanitas Duet
obriens177 - Laughing Polka Duet
obriens178 - O Du Lieber Augustine Duet
obriens179 - Butcher’s Hornpipe Duet
obriens180 - J’ai Du Bon Tabac Duet
obriens181 - Morning Has Broken Solo and Duet
obriens182 - Still, Still, Still Solo and Duet
obriens183 - The Minstrel Boy Solo and Duet
obriens184 - Die Latern Duet
obriens185 - Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen Solo and Duet
obriens186 - La Cárcel de Cananea Duet
obriens187 - Le roi d-Yvetot Duet
obriens188 - Variations on a Ground Bass for Accordion Solo

Christmas Arrangements:
obriensxmas189 - Deck The Halls Duet
obriensxmas190 - Ding Dong! Merrily On High Duet
obriensxmas191 - Go, Tell It On the Mountain Solo and Duet
obriensxmas192 - God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Duet
obriensxmas193 - Good Christian Men, Rejoice Duet
obriensxmas194 - Good King Wenceslas Duet
obriensxmas195 - Angels From the Realms of Glory Duet
obriensxmas196 - Angels We Have Heard On High Duet
obriensxmas197 - As Lately We Watched Duet
obriensxmas198 - Away in a Manger Duet
obriensxmas199 - Carol of the Bells Duet
obriensxmas200 - Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus Duet
obriensxmas201 - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Duet
obriensxmas202 - Here We Come A-Caroling Duet
obriensxmas203 - I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Duet
obriensxmas204 - I Saw Three Ships Duet
obriensxmas205 - I Wonder As I Wander Duet
obriensxmas206 - It Came Upon The Midnight Clear Duet
obriensxmas207 - Jingle Bells Duet
obriensxmas208 - Lo, How a Rose E're Blooming Duet
obriensxmas209 - O Christmas Tree Duet
obriensxmas210 - O Come, All Ye Faithful Duet
obriensxmas211 - O Come, O Come Immanuel Duet
obriensxmas212 - O Little Town of Bethlehem Duet
obriensxmas213 - Once in Royal David's City Duet
obriensxmas214 - Silent Night Duet
obriensxmas215 - The Boar's Head Duet
obriensxmas216 - The First Noël Duet
obriensxmas217 -The Friendly Beasts Duet
obriensxmas218 - The Holly and the Ivy Duet

Christmas Collections:

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All Music by James P  O'Brien
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