Notes from the Composer Renzo Ruggieri:

Catalog rrenzo515: Peccatum et Gratia for electronic (hybrid) accordion


- Composizione nata per fisarmonica elettronica (sistema ibrido con voci acustiche e digitali). I suoni acustici e sintetizzati sono tutti indicati in spartito ed รจ richiesto l'uso del "Looper". Lo schema nell'ultima pagina riassume le caratteristiche della composizione.

- Composition born for electronic accordion (hybrid system with acoustic and digital voice). The acoustic and synthesized sounds are all indicated in sheet music and the use of "Looper" is required. The diagram on the last page summarizes the features of the composition.

Performance of Peccatum et Gratia by Valerio Russo, student of Renzo Ruggieri and international competition winner.

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