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Images of Passing Time

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Suite "Images of the Passing Time"

A. Kusiakov


€ 0,80
2. How Is It Terrible To Drown In The Blue Skies A. Kusiakov 01:44 € 0,80
3. Voice Of The Strolling Soul A. Kusiakov 04:18 € 0,80
4. Waltz-Caprice A. Kusiakov 04:15 € 0,80
5. Shadow After Shadow A. Kusiakov 04:22 € 0,80
6. Burletta A. Kusiakov 01:34 € 0,80
7. About Love A. Kusiakov 02:31 € 0,80
8. It Was Only The Night To Hear Their Words... A. Kusiakov 03:26 € 0,80
9. From The Oriental Melodies A. Kusiakov 03:57 € 0,80
10. Angel Dream A. Kusiakov 06:06 € 1,15
11. Glimmer Of The Dying Down Stars A. Kusiakov 04:21 € 0,80
12. Procession A. Kusiakov 01:37 € 0,80
13. Nocturne V. Chernikov 03:50 € 0,80
Suite "Five Dreams of the Child"
Failed To Wake Up
U. Jutila - Y. Shishkin

€ 0,80
15. Amusing Walk " 01:01 € 0,80
16. Valsette " 01:19 € 0,80
17. Dreaming " 01:50 € 0,80
18. Oh, Those Scales! " 01:13 € 0,80
19. The Bee A. Matsanov 02:17 € 0,80

Album Description:
The suite "Images of the Passing Time" by Anatoli Kusiakov is one of the deepest and most serious pieces, ever written for the bayan-solo, a gigantic work of some 39 minutes. In this piece, Kusiakov reflected both the passing century, and the passing millennium.

There are seven meditation poems and 5 intermedes (a short musical dramatic piece, an interlude) on diverse subjects, as for example:
No 2 - as its essence, he used the prayer "God, have mercy upon us!", and its culmination is being repeated in No 11; there are both philosophic (No 3) and amorous-nostalgic (No 7 monologues; and "Waltz-caprice" for seven fourths, which is coquettish-like at the very beginning and then diabolically-passionate at its culmination.
"Angel dream" is one of the most mystical pieces of the cycle, composed after reading the novel "The Angel of the West Window" by Gustav Meyrink. It has a record super quiet bayan clang - five pianos (!), and the bellows motion for 1 min. 25 sec. only in a single direction.

There are protraits allusions of the composers: self-portrait of Kusiakov himself (No 1), portrait of Wagner (No 8, where his quotatio of the opera "Tristan e Isolda" is being used, the very 4 measures, which the dying Puccini commented so: "I have not composed anything like that..."), of Schostakowitsch (No 9, where his quotation of his eight string quartette has been ciphered), of Messian (No 11), and of Prokofyev (No 12).

The music of this so enormous cycle requires a special attention towards it. Please concentrate your mind while listening not on this, but concentrate on yourself, and you will feel the uncommon vibration of its energy.


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