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Pictures at an Exhibition

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1. Promenade Modest Mussorgsky (1839 - 1881) 01:09 € 0,80
2. The Gnome M. Mussorgsky 02:29 € 0,80
3. Promenade M. Mussorgsky 00:40 € 0,80
4. The Old Castle M. Mussorgsky 04:27 € 0,80
5. Promenade M. Mussorgsky 00:24 € 0,80
6. Tuileries (Quarrel of the Children after Play) M. Mussorgsky 00:59 € 0,80
7. Bydlo M. Mussorgsky 02:37 € 0,80
8. Promenade M. Mussorgsky 00:41 € 0,80
9. Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks M. Mussorgsky 01:05 € 0,80
10. Two Jews, the Rich and the Poor M. Mussorgsky 02:04 € 0,80
11. Promenade M. Mussorgsky 01:04 € 0,80
12. Limoges - The Market (The Grand News) M. Mussorgsky 01:23 € 0,80
13. Catacombs M. Mussorgsky 02:10 € 0,80
14. Con mortuisin lingua mortua (With Dead in a Dead Language) M. Mussorgsky 02:02 € 0,80
15. The Hut on Fowl's Legs (Baba-Yaga) M. Mussorgsky 02:59 € 0,80
16. The Great Gate Kiev M. Mussorgsky 04:50 € 0,80
17. Sonata No. 6 Anatoli Kusiakov
(1946 - 2007)
15:38 € 2,00

Album Description:

Modest Mussorgsky: June, 1874 was a rare island of pure joy and complete ecstasy with creativity in the hard life of Mussorgsky. Just 35 years old, Mussorgsky created a composition unique indeed in world music literature - piano suite "Pictures at an Exhibition".

The composition was created exclusively and in a short time - about three weeks (approximately from June 2nd to 22nd). The music emerged in a flight of fancy. "Sounds and ideas are hanging in the air, I hardly have time to scratch on the paper" - wrote the composer to Stasov, to whom the suite was dedicated.

The composer's idea of "Pictures at an Exhibition" emerged under the impression of post life exhibition of the talented painter and architect Viktor Harman, whom he had bonds of cordial friendship.

Sonata No. 6 by Anatoli Kusiakov. While on one of his trips round Germany, Kusiakov visited the cathedral of Apostle Paul in the city of Munster. The greatness of the regal construction greatly impressed the composer. In 2003 he started to compose his 6th sonata, its ground/base being the tragedy of Munster community: in 1535 the inhabitants of the city founded the community with its own legal regulations, but it was smashed by the authorities in 16 months. The authorities could not accept such a demonstration of freedom.

The community's leaders with their families were executed with particular cruelty: before death they were carried in iron cages through the cities of Germany, treated with humiliation, starved, and then, burnt down hung over the fire. Till now the sun penetrating the clouds is painting these metal charred cages on cathedral chapel...


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