The Art of Playing the Accordion Artistically 
Technique, Interpretation, and Performance of Playing the Accordion Artistically
Friedrich Lips   Edited by: Ulrich Schmülling
Prof. Friedrich Lips is probably the most famous concert performer today as well as a very famous teacher at the prestigious Gnesin Institute in Moscow.

A "must have" book for every teacher, enthusiast and student.

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From the Author

Dear Friends,

Now that the 20th century has come to an end, we find ourselves on the threshold to a new millennium.

For musicians studying other subjects and instrument that have existed for a long time, this may not be a special event. However, for bayanists and accordionist, it is a much different situation. For the first time in the history of our instrument, we can reflect on the music theory and playing methods of a past century and we are able to perform original music composed for our instruments in a former century.

In the long run, time serves as the final judge of music. It always sifts out the best music that composers have created. It always retains the most important music theory and interpretation that leading musicians have initiated

I hope this book will make a modest contribution to influencing and developing bayanistic positively in the 21st century and that it will be useful to all those who want to deepen their studies in the art of playing the bayan-accordion.

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The Art of Bayan Playing & Playing the Accordion Artistically

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The Art of Arranging Classical Music for Accordion

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