Douglas Ward, accordionist, composer
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Douglas Ward has played the piano accordion for over 40 years (for 17 years professionally). In his youth, he won many accordion competitions in the UK.

The instrument has taken him literally around the world, as a bandleader aboard the large ocean liners Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) among others. Whilst at sea, he acquired a great love for cruise ships, and went on to become an expert in the field and the author of several books for Berlitz..

He was, for many years, deeply involved in all accordion activities in England as a teacher, adjudicator, and composer (he introduced the convertor free bass instrument to the UK).

In the mid 1960's, he worked as arranger and transcription artist for Charles Hansen Publications in New York, with an office on 5th Avenue (at 47th Street), and wrote the History of the Accordion for the USA's Contemporary Keyboard magazine (much of this article is featured on the Accordions Worldwide website).

He has adjudicated at the UK’s National Accordion Organization's Accordion Day for several years. He moved to the USA again in 1979, where he lived for about 20 years. During that time, he adjudicated many accordion competitions including the annual National Accordion Championships held by the American Accordionists Association (AAA).

In 1968, together with Faithe Deffner, he helped organize the only Floating Accordion Festival aboard the cruise ship Galileo, when over 600 accordionists took part in a 6-day festival cruise from New York to Bermuda. He also taught for several years at the Acme Accordion School, operated by the respected contemporary accordionist and educator Stanley Darrow.

He has written more than 70 compositions for the instrument, varying from elementary solos and duets to albums for beginners to works for virtuoso performance. He lives in the New Forest area in southern England, and enjoys composing and adjudicating.


Note: Works with E in the catalog number are eSheet, able to be sent to you by email. All other works are printed music and are sent to you by post.

Alphabetical Order
DW920E - A Cool Thing (Solo)
DW920 - A Cool Thing (Solo)
DW941 - A Dawn Beginning (Solo)
DW927E - A Summer Breeze (Solo)
DW927 - A Summer Breeze (Solo)
DW501 - Abacus (Solo)
DW502E - Abbadabba (Solo)
DW502 - Abbadabba (Solo)
DW937 - About Time (Solo)
DW503E - ACC 515 (Solo)
DW503 - ACC 515 (Solo)
DW939 - Ali Baba’s Barber (Solo)
DW942 - An Early Sunrise (Solo)
DW910 - Apple Core (Solo)
DW936 - Aria No. 1 (Solo)
DW504 - Asdfghjkl (Solo)
DW950 - Backstage Waltz (Solo)
DW505 - Baguette (Solo)
DW943 - Bells and Whistles (Solo)
DW904E - Blog 27 (Solo)
DW904 - Blog 27 (Solo)
DW940 - Blueberry One/ Blueberry Two (Solo)
DW933 - Bootstrap Tango (Solo)
DW506 - Boutique Overture (Solo)
B041 - Boutique Overture (score - 2 of each part) (Ensemble/Orchestra)
DW507 - Cambadacha (Solo)
M374 - Castleton Reel (Solo)
DW508 - Changes (Solo)
DW509 - Charlie's Revenge Solo)
DW924E - Chocolation (Solo)
DW924 - Chocolation (Solo)
DW925E - Clairette (Solo)
DW925 - Clairette (Solo)
DW952 - Clown in a Pickle (Solo)
DW905 - Clouds Passing/ Doubly Bubbly (Solo)
DW510E - Coming Home (Solo)
DW510 - Coming Home (Solo)
DW951 - Conundrum (Solo)
DW929 - Crabcakes (Solo)
DW906 - Crackpot (Solo)
DW523 - Cycophantic Impressions (Solo)
DW921 - Dance of the Widgets (Solo)
DW525 - Desperado (Solo)
DW511 - Dijon (Solo)
DW905A - Doubly Bubbly/ Clouds Passing (Solo)
DW903 - Early Morning/ Dandy Waltz (Solo)
M375 - Emancipation (Solo)
M375E - Emancipation (Solo)
M376 - Escapade (Solo)
DW931 - Exaggeration Waltz (Solo)
M377 - Expanse (Solo)
DW907 - Four Candles (Solo)
DW911E - Hocus Pocus (Solo)
DW911 - Hocus Pocus (Solo)
DW953 - Horseplay (Solo)
DW512 - Hymn For Her (Solo)
DW902D - Hymn For Her Too (Solo)
DW932 - Into the Spice Market (Solo)
DW917 - Jabbermouth (Solo)
DW912 - Khalif of Kotar (Solo)
DW913 - Lamentosa (Solo)
M378 - Magganajjer (Solo) 
DW513E - Moonshadow (Solo)
DW513 - Moonshadow (Solo)
DW908 - Morris Minor (Solo)
DW928 - Musical Routes Suite - Bridges, Avenues, Tunnels, Streets (Solo)
DW524 - My First Week (Solo)
DW514 - Mystique (Solo)
DW901 - Nuance (Solo)
DW934 - Precipice (Solo)
DW515 - Resolution (Solo)
DW914 - Rhapsidium for a Rainy Day (Solo)
DW516 - Scotch Grass (Solo)
DW517 - Serenity (Solo)
DW930 - Seven Over Eight (Solo)
DW518 - Squash (Solo)
DW519 - Subterfuge (Solo)
B040 - Subterfuge Two, Score & 2 of each part, (Ensemble/Orchestra)
DW926 - Sunny Days (Solo)
DW520 - Tampopo (Solo)
DW521 - The Happy Gnome (Solo)
DW938 - The Happy Whistler (Solo)
DW909E - The Naughty Monkey (Solo)
DW909 - The Naughty Monkey (Solo)
DW922 - The Swiss Efficiency Polka (Solo)
DW915 - Three Down Up (Solo)
DW522D - Topaz (Solo)
DW935 - Tributaries (Solo)
DW916 - Two Boots (Duet)
DW923 - Upside Down Polka (Solo)

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