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accordion text books on many different accordion topics by many different publishers including accordion repairs, tuning, history of accordion
over 33 book titles (text)  
Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther
Probably the most popular book ever written about accordion repairs.
The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by Thierry Benetoux
A quality book about accordion repairs, tuning etc. that is very popular indeed. In English and French. Comprendre et Reparer Votre Accordeon
Sounding Out The Accordion by Thierry Benetoux
A very quality book that cares of the sounding and tuning up your accordion. In English and French. L’Accordeon & SA Diversite Sonore
Robaccord Publications, An A to Z of the Accordion and Related Instruments by Rob Howard, an unique books that suits new learner of the accordion instrument. It also have An A to Z of the Accordion and Related Instruments Volume 2, An A to Z of the Accordion and Related Instruments Volume 3, An A to Z of the Accordion and Related Instruments Volume 4
and NEW
Vintage Accordions is the largest eSheet accordion music internet site in the world
over 1,900 eSheet titles by many famous composers and arrangers: Gary Dahl, Gary Daverne, James O'Brien, Yehuda Oppenheimer, Sebastiano Cali, Vassily Glubochenko, Peter Piccini, William Schimmel, MusicForAccordion, Gary Morin, Paul Chamberlain, Franco Cambareri, Franck Angelis, National Accordion Association, Mario Tacca, Larry Malmberg, Wallace Liggett, Joseph Soprani, Renzo Ruggieri, Donald E Grzanna and many others, from all corners of the world.
what about a Gary Dahl eSheet pack of music. There is a pack for each grade, of great music emailed to you or a friend for Xmas OR buy individual Gary Dahl eSheet music
wanting Xmas Music - over 51 titles to choose from - Euro Prices or US$ Prices.
James O'Brien Xmas Music

accordion music by Karthause Schmuelling, Charnwood, Editiona Harmonia and other boutique accordion music publishers
over 1,700 printed titles  
Charnwood Publishing has Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 Package Specials that make an excellent Xmas gift.
Charnwood Publishing Xmas Music

one of the world's largest accordion CD and accordion DVD accordion recording internet sites
over 350 CD/DVD's to choose by great artists: Air NZ Accordion Orch, Inaki Alberdi, Fabio Alderighi, Beltango, Sandy Brechin, Joe Burke, Franco Cambareri, Angel Louis Castano, Salvatore Cauteruccio, Bernadette Conlon, Mario D'Amario, Gary Daverne, Daniele Donadelli, Alexander Dmitriev, Vitaly Dmitriev, Jon Faukstad, Pearl Adriano Fawcett, Paul Jorge Ferreira, Finland Recordings, Enzo Giribaldi, Joxan Goikoetxea, Vassily Glubochenko, Zhang Guoping, Jon Hammond, Boblingen Spielring Harmonika, Roman Jbanov, Tian Jianan, La Coupe Mondiale, Friedrich Lips, Jeff Lisenby, John MacDonald, Eugenia Marini, Frank Marocco, Ferran Martinez, Yuri Medianik, Marianne Melodie, Alessandro Mugnoz, Yehuda Oppenheimer, Zoltan Orosz, Sergey Osokin, Francesco Palazzo, Peter Piccini, Silvio De Pra, Concorso e Premio, Renzo Ruggieri, Marco Lo Russo, Nikolai Ryskov, Amy Jo Sawyer, William Schimmel, Karthause Schmuelling, Viatcheslav Semionov, Alexander Shirunov, Yuri Shiskin, Semion Shmelkov, Yuri Sidorov, The International Trio, Mary Tokarski, Viola Turpeinen, Lauro Valerio, Mika Vayrynen, Stas Venglevski, Romano Viazzani, Zhang Weiyi, Xu Xiaonan, Zevy Zions, Vladimir Zubitsky
Special Packs:
Friedrich Lips CD's, over 23 to choose from. Special price and postage - your choice - any 3 CD's or any 6 CD's from the 23 CD's available.
Viatcheslav Semionov CD's, 5 to choose from and also 2 cd's in one pac at a very reasonable price.
Alexander Dmitriev 9 CD's and 4 DVD's choose from. Xmas special price and postage - 9 CD's and 4 DVD's available.

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